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The month of September is winding down and as we celebrate the last week of National Skincare Awareness Month, we would like to celebrate ourselves by discussing ways to Love the Skin We’re in! Self acceptance can be a challenge. Most often we are our own worst critics.

Aging isn’t an easy process for any of us! But, there are things we can do to assist us in aging gracefully – self acceptance being one of them. Take a look at what our experts are telling us about how and why we should Love the Skin We’re in:

Embracing Our Totality

Bette Davis said it best “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” When it comes to middle age and beyond, we need to take a warrior stance physically, emotionally, and spiritually to work with what we have, and to be the best we can be! To be empowered is to have choices. We can’t choose to be taller, or to have a different skin color. However, we can choose to walk taller, and respect and honor the skin we’re in! When we feel great about ourselves, we choose to embrace our totality. In doing so, we reflect a beacon of light exposing our vibrancy and beauty to the world.

Sandra LaMorgese, Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Innovations

Perfection Does Not Exist

To love the skin you’re in, know that there is no such thing as perfection. Even those models you see in magazines aren’t as perfect as they appear (you’ve heard of air brushing, right?). Perfection in how you look — your skin, your body, your face — is an impossible goal to pursue. What IS possible is authenticity. Be you – wholly and truly, without apology or editing. No one can be you except you. And when your beauty shines out from that deep essence of authenticity, it makes you irresistible.

Jill Chivers, Creator – My Year Without Clothes Shopping Program, Shop Your Wardrobe 

How do you maintain your self-acceptance and a positive attitude?

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