Know Your Best Self

StyleKnowing your best self and striving to be that person is the best way exude confidence and sex appeal.  Being sexy over 40 doesn’t have to come with stigmas attached.  It is as simple as being the best you.

All women have a little “romantic female” inside. And age certainly may diminish this somewhat – but does not extinguish our desire to be a female and be appreciated as such. We want to be seen as desirable and youthful as long as possible!

Knowing your best colors and clothing personality will aide you in dressing your best self.  Following are 7 simple tips that will help take the already beautiful you to the next level:

1.  The best cosmetic for any woman is finding joy in her life.

2.  A confident smile may be the sexist thing you can own – and it is free!

3.  Anything “buttoned” is sexy because it may be “unbuttoned” in a man’s imagination. A soft fabric that shows your natural assets – whether it is your legs or bust is always attractive. Of course, v-necks are great if they look good on you. Show as much skin as you feel is truly you!

4.  If you have a beautiful face, show that off with your shiniest, best color near your face and make sure your cosmetics are perfectly done, and not overdone.

5.  A hairstyle that is not overly “fixed” but loose and flowing is attractive to most men.

6.  A demeanor that is approachable is very important. Remember, many men may not be as confident as they appear and might actually be afraid to approach a super confident woman.

7.  Be yourself – but venture out a bit with silky, soft clothing if this is not your norm. And let your body language show that you are open to conversation and maybe a bit more!

Love of life is contagious and a true interest in others will make you the life of the party!

Tica Tallent, Author, What is Beautiful: Secrets From a Personal Shopper



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