Be Beautiful Using Kind Words, Colorful Food and The Proper Pillow

Eat Healthy (berries)To Love the Skin We’re In can be a challenge. We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like and accepting those things can be easier said than done. Today our experts have given us tips for specific tools we can use to help us Love the Skin We’re In!

Learn how kind words, diet and exercise, and a proper night’s sleep can help us nurture our bodies and skin so we can begin each day feeling confident and beautiful.

Speak Nicely to Yourself

There is no greater peace of mind and beauy than being content with who we are and what we look like. Yes, I believe in taking care of ourselves, and doing what we can to remain fresh and relevant, but I also believe that without variety in the world, it would be an awfully boring place. People are attracted to humor, joy, smiles, intelligence, and inner peace. Those things bring out true beauty, and every single person is capable of having them. So, repeat 3 x a day…. ” I love me! I love me!, I love me!”

Roberta Perry, Founder/President, Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc. 

Use Diet and Exercise

Henriksen advises his clients to embrace every day like a new beginning and recognize all the possibilities that lie ahead. A balanced diet and exercise are two of the most important happiness habits. Choosing colorful foods that look appetizing, but are also nutritious, helps to maintain a healthy diet without much effort. Henriksen additionally switches up his exercise schedule among walking, hiking, skiing and gymnastics to sustain his interest in each activity.

Ole Henriksen, Founder of OLEHENRIKSEN Spa in Los Angeles and namesake skincare line, lifestyle and beauty expert

Tuck Yourself In

Sleep is the magic rejuvenator and the most important thing we do. The one common factor in sleep is the pillow. A proper shape and size of your sleeping pillow has been noted by professionals to relieve the stress on our face. By relaxing our shoulder muscles, relieving your stress and tension from your face muscles, you reduce the face wrinkles.

Jim Blondin, President, Align-Right Pillow Company

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