I’ve Reached My Weightloss Goal!… Now What?

Weightloss, Healthy LifestyleYou finally shed that last pound of the 20 you had aimed to lose. Way to go! Does that mean your efforts are over? Not quite. Often times, after our weightloss goals are reached, the outcome needs to be maintained. Now that I’ve reached my goal weight, how do I maintain it?

One of my favorite methods for carrying out change is PDCA; Plan-Do-Check-Adjust. This method keeps the circle of momentum spinning and allows us to re-evaluate our progress. So, if we aren’t seeing the changes come as fast – or at all – we can make the necessary adjustments to our plan that we see fit.

Our expert contributors have provided us with some valuable information about specific PDCA steps we can take to STAY at our goal weight after we have reached it.

Renew Your Contract

Remember why you decided to lose weight in the first place. Remind yourself of your initial goals to help you keep track. Your contract can be reviewed and renewed. Make any changes you need to continue to be successful! And enjoy your fabulous New You!

Susie Galvez, Beauty Expert and Author 

Adjust Your Lifestyle

It’s not always easy being fit especially when you’re over 35-years-old. So, here are some helpful tips to maintaining a lean and healthy lifestyle.

Start a healthy habit. No matter what, repetition and sticking to a regular workout schedule is key to any exercise plan. Once you’re in a habit of working out daily, it’ll become part of your everyday routine.

Should you consume more or less? Eat every 2 ½ to 3 hours in small amounts. Make sure to fill your plate with greens and have 40% of protein with every meal. Even when you go out to eat, keep in mind that all restaurants serve you at least double of what you should have. So, order your meal with a take-out box and as soon as the food arrives, put half of it away to eat later.

Remember, fitness isn’t just about working-out…it’s a lifestyle adjustment.

Raphael Verela, Founder, Circuit Works 

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

Once you’ve lost the weight and started to feel good about exercising again, it’s time to test your fitness with a road race! A local 5k or 10k is a great opportunity to stay in shape while having fun and coming together with other people who are passionate about healthy living. You may even discover your love of racing!

Jason Fitzgerald, Coach, Strength Running 

What steps do you take to maintain your goal weight?

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