Increase Your Circulation and Relieve Your Stress

Healthy SkinStress can really set us spinning, can’t it? It affects so many areas of our lives. This week we are focusing on how stress affects our skin and how we can fight back – or sit back, depending on how you look at it.

Our experts tell us one of the best ways to relieve stress is to make time for pampering your skin. Doing so will provide moments of both enjoyment and rejuvenation – the very enemies of stress itself.


Holistic practitioner, Sandra LaMorgese tells us how stress takes its toll on our skin:

Increase Circulation Using Your Breath

“Research now shows that stress is the major cause of premature aging! Our inner body’s metabolism, digestive, respiratory and immune systems are affected negatively while under stress. But did you know that stress effects our body’s largest outer organ? Our skin! While under stress, our inner organs such as the heart and lungs need additional blood circulation. During this process, the body decreases the circulation to the skin in order to assist the priority heart and lungs. With a decrease in circulation in the skin, it becomes dull, dry or clammy, and is restricted from producing healthy new cells. So, for beautiful, vibrant, youthful skin… breathe.”

Sandra LaMorgese, Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Innovations

Lahronda Little of High Quality Organic Skincare also encourages us to increase our circulation through a soothing massage. Simultaneously, we can reduce stress and promote healthy skin by using the following technique:

Like Dissolves Like

“When under stress, many times the first outward sign appears on our skin. Overproduction of sebum, compacted by bacteria and environmental pollution are fuel to the fire. A good rule of thumb is ‘like dissolves like’. So a soothing massage of your skin with organic coconut oil or olive oil prior to your normal skin routine is an excellent way to dissolve excess sebum and slough away that other stuff. You skin will thank you for it.”

Lahronda Little, Owner, High Quality Organic Skincare LLC 

How do you combat stress while pampering your skin?

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