How to Preserve Your Summer Glow

As September approaches and our lives start to resemble the days of all things fall, like back to school, we know that hurried schedules will soon rob us of our beautiful summer, sun-kissed skin.

We asked our experts, Can you preserve your tan? And as always, they came through for us in a really big way. Take advantage of the last few weeks of summer by following these tips on how to preserve your healthy glow:

Prep Your Skin:

“To extend a tan you have to exfoliate first before you go in the sun. So you will have a perfect canvas to begin with and even skin, not peeling skin. Then use an SPF 30 zinc oxide sunscreen that blocks UVA/ UVB. It is broad spectrum so you will not burn at all and only tan. Make certain that you moisturize daily with a product containing hyaluronic acid (unscented, as fragrance will dry skin out and make you peel). Do not use exfoliating products now as they will cause tan to peel. Avoid retinols, glycolics ( AHA’s), and salicylic acid. Enjoy the glow for a longer time.”

Debra Jaliman MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology Mount Sinai School of Medicine NYC 

Use Tan Extenders

“Pitch Contents: Keep your glow going with Tan Extenders. Freshen up an airbrush tan or natural one with an extender. Trick is to exfoliate lightly before use so you don’t get splotchy as your skin naturally sheds. Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of products before you apply as well.”

Wendy Smith Divine Sunless Tanning

Use an Oil-Free Moisturizer

“Be careful of using moisturizers prior to self-tanning that contain oils, as skin will not be as receptive to the tanning formulation. The quicker the moisturizer absorbs into skin, the better. The same applies for moisturizing AFTER a tan. Oily or greasy moisturizers can actually impede the color and shorten the life of the tan. An oil-free moisturizer will preserve the color for longer. ”

Ricky Croft, Sunless Tanning Expert and VP of Marketing at Sunless, Inc. 

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