How to Maintain a Consistent Workout Routine

FitnessSo, you have promised yourself you will maintain a consistent workout routine in an effort to avoid gaining weight this holiday season. Finding – and even more important, KEEPING – the motivation required to make exercise a part of your daily routine can make the difference between success and failure.

How do we stay motivated? Our experts have shared with us a few tips to help us stay in the game while maintaining a healthy weight through these months of feasting and celebration.

Steps to Stay Motivated

1. Make a pact with yourself that you are going to stick to the plan for your training and fitness-in whatever it is you do, ie: running, general fitness, martial arts, sports, or a mix of all of the above. Decide that this pact is inviolable and be true to yourself. Don’t let others distract you. But make sure that the goals are reasonable and can fit into your lifestyle.

2. Take some time to map out a plan so every day there is something that you do to take care of yourself. 3. Be reasonable. Include some real challenges, but only on 1 or 2 of the days. Build in training that is fun in between as a reward.

3. Sandwich in easy workouts in between, so that you don’t cause repetitive stress injuries or worse-boredom!

4. Have a day that you absolutely don’t train at all except maybe some breathing, or Tai Chi, or walking. Without a downtime training day, your body won’t imprint the benefits from the rest of the week, plus, the downtime training helps flush the free radicals out of the body and helps you gain momentum for the rest of the week’s plan.

Khadi Madama-The First Lady of MMA Yoga

Sample Training Plan

1. Baby steps. Set small goals like exercising 2x per week. Once you master that, increase frequency.

2. Join a group class and recruit friends/co-workers to exercise with you.  Having accountability helps you stay motivated.

3. Find an event or race to train for like an organized bike ride, a 5k, or a triathlon.

Having a training goal helps keep you on track knowing you have a distance to complete on race day.

Sarah Currie, MS RD


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