How To Dream With Intent

Life GoalsSome women appear to ooze with success. You know the kind… everything they touch turns to gold. Their hair is always perfect. And their home is always clean. Their children are polite – and never make farting noises in their arm pits.

Yep. We all strive for our picture of success. And that there, is the key. Do you know your picture of success? Our expert contributor and Dream Catcher, Keri Murphy, has shared with us the blueprint for reaching our life goals. Anyone can attain them, if you’re willing to free your mind and dream!

Keri tells us,

“Congratulations! Reaching a goal, big or small, is something to be celebrated. And now you are most likely thinking‚Ķwell, what next? If you are a person who naturally sets goals then I bet you have another one lined up and ready to go. If not, you may find yourself a little unmotivated or uncertain as to what to do next.


I would suggest you look at the bigger picture of your life vision. Do you even have an overall vision for your life? A vision and mission is something corporations spend thousands of dollars and hours on creating, however for most people we live life in pure reaction mode instead of being proactive in creating the life we so desire. What is the big picture of the life you want to create for yourself? If you are uncertain, a great place to start is by creating a vision board or journal. You have heard a picture is worth a thousand words, right? If that is true then think of what you are communicating to your unconscious mind by creating a visual of your ideal life. Einstein said that we are boxed in by the boundaries of our imagination. You most likely imagined your last goal coming to be, so why not take that to another level! Imagine the life you want to create in all contexts like health, love, finances, travel, family, spiritual, or business.


When you have put that together look at it often with the intention of bringing it to life! In addition to your vision board/journal I would write out everything you want to do throughout your lifetime. Think big and have fun! What are all the things you want to see, do and experience while you are here on Earth? Again, when you can imagine it you can create it! The only reason why people have accomplished big goals is because they believed they could. When Warren Buffet was asked about his fortune he said he always knew he would be incredibly wealthy. He never doubted it for a minute. WOW! Now that is someone who sets a goal and goes after it and you can too!


Lastly, I would encourage you to think about what you want to leave behind long after you are gone. If you could create a legacy what would it be? This could be something big, like a foundation or a book, or it can be small, but just as impactful, such as teaching your kids something that was handed down to you. Whatever it is, allow that goal to be part of the tapestry of your life. You get what you give.”

Keri Murphy, Dream Catcher, Inspired Living with Keri Murphy 

What is your picture of success?

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