How to Curb Your Appetite and Shed Pounds

Well Balanced DietI have vivid memories of inconspicuously spitting my peas into my milk as a child so I wouldn’t have to eat them. Growing up, my Mom always had something from every food group on the table at dinner time (thanks Mom!). And continually she reinforced how important it is for me to eat my veggies. Unfortunately, I still don’t eat peas and I find myself needing the same reminders today as I did then.

Many of us are convenience eaters – grabbing the closest packaged food that we can chow down on the fly. However, our bodies are not sustained that way and we eventually start to add pounds to our frame or crash entirely from a lack of energy. Today, our experts tell us how important it is to include vegetables in our diet. Learn how to curb your appetite and shed pounds by eating the right foods for a well balanced diet.

Veg Out and Never be Hungry

As a 35 year old weight loss consultant, I recommend the same thing that worked for me when I wanted to lose weight: 8 oz of lean protein like fish, chicken, turkey, even lean beef and unlimited low-glycemic\thermic vegetables, like lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, etc.and a serving of whole grains, brown rice, whole grain or whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta.

The meal should consist of 50% low-glycemic carbs, which most people don’t realize comes from vegetables, 30% protein and 20% essential fatty acids. I make it very simple giving my clients a list of things they can pick from rather than telling them what they cannot have. Incorporating this into my daily regimen, I lost 22 lbs in 1 month and have kept it off for over 2 years.

Amy Polk, Life by Design Wellness Coach, Renewed You Now 

Slurp Your Way to Weight Loss

Outsmart your stomach by having a veggie based soup PRIOR to starting your meal. Research shows that consuming a hot and hearty vegetable soup can help increase satiety, or that feeling of fullness, so that you will likely reduce the calories consumed at the meal.

Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, LDN, Clinical Associate Professor, Boston University

Eat Well to Live Well

If I hadn’t faced a health crisis last winter I might have answered the question, “What should I eat to shed pounds?” very differently. I’ve carried extra weight for 25 years and while studying emotional eating has helped me (and my clients) I wanted to feel better.

Since spring 2011 I have transitioned to plant-based eating. It is remarkable. I’ve smoothly and organically lost over 20 pounds while significantly improving my overall health – cholesterol, sugar, etc. I drink green smoothies daily and primarily eat fruits, vegetables and beans. I also include some seeds and nuts and occasionally grains. My body is recovering it’s natural shape and I glow with health. It’s made such a difference I’m inviting my coaching clients to get support from me to make these lifestyle changes. It’s much easier than people think.

Daryl Wood, Loving Ourselves Weight Loss 


  1. I drink 8 glasses of water each day to help me curb my appetite. Water is considered as one of the foods to quench hunger.

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