How to Cleanse Your Sensitive Skin

Oily SkinTaking care of our sensitive skin can be as simple as using the right cleansing methods.  Avoid using harsh products or tools on your skin that will agitate and cause redness.

Our experts have contributed their simple solutions for sensitive skin. Learn how to cleanse your sensitive skin effectively and gently.

3 Simple Sensitive Skin Steps

Dr. Brooke Jackson of the Skin Wellness Center of Chicago advises with sensitive skin, you are not the one to volunteer your face at the makeup counter or at your friend’s makeover party. Remember, sensitive skin needs less, not more!

Avoid fragrance and alcohol based products and keep the regimen simple.

Also a few other musts: Gentle cleanser, avoid toners, use sunblock and mineral makeup.

Dr Brooke Jackson, Medical Founder, Skin Wellness Center of Chicago

Cleansing Tips for Sensitive Skin

To help precondition and oxygenate the skin prior to applying cleanser try using this method on your skin twice a week (prior to cleansing).

  • Fill the sink half-way with warm water and add 5 drops of lavender, geranium or sandalwood essential oil (if skin is dry) or 5 drops of eucalyptus, rosemary or peppermint (if skin is oily).
  • Dip a terry cloth face towel in the water and wring out.
  • Firmly press the cloth against face and take a deep breath.
  • Repeat 5 times.

People afflicted with sensitive skin, including acne and visible capillaries, should always use their hands when applying cleanser (no sponges or face cloths). Use luke-warm water and a foaming cleanser with antiseptic ingredients.

For those with dry, oily or combination skin, a flat, round sponge is recommended for cleansing purposes. Use warm water and a gentle foaming or gel cleanser that contains Vitamin C & E.

Ole Henriksen, Founder, OLEHENRIKSEN

What is your favorite cleansing method for your sensitive skin?

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