How to Choose the Best Products for Your Skin Type

exfoliationNo matter what makeup tips you try using to capture the face of fall this season, you must apply it to a healthy canvas to maximize your look. Each of us has a different skin type with which we work. Whether the cool, dry weather is robbing your skin of moisture, you experience problematic breakouts, or you’re plagued with oily skin issues, this article will help you prepare your skin to show off the fall’s hottest makeup trends.

Learn the best way to hydrate and nurture your skin using the best product for your skin type, maintaining your beautiful, healthy glow through the cool months of fall and winter.

Utilize Quality Skin Care Products

Stay away from heavy greasy products, they clog your pores and cause breakouts.  Use quality skin care products that generate collagen growth.  Some of the best skin care lines can be purchased from medical spas or dermatologists.  These products offer stronger ingredients that can only be sold through a physicians practice.  In addition to utilizing these great products, you will need to maintain a daily regiment to achieve maxim results.

Dr. Darm, Medical Director, Aesthetic Medicine

Dry Skin:  Is Jack Frost Drying Out Your Skin?

During the winter months our skin takes the brunt of chilly, cold temperatures and overly-brisk wind blasts. In addition our skin is daily assaulted with drier, overly-heated air from heating systems in our homes, offices, and our cars. With little to no humidity in the air, it is no wonder our skin feels dry, flaky, itchy, and at times wrinkle crinkly!

Cleansing: Opt for a gentle facial cleaner and choose a creamier body cleanser instead of gels or soap for the body. Opt for products with lots of skin loving ingredients in them such as sunflower oil, mondo grass, lavender, coconut oil, and other plant-based botanicals. These types of ingredients are gentle and work to hydrate and protect the skin.

Moisturizer: Thick is in, thin is out. During the winter months don’t skimp on the moisturizer. Keeping the skin protected and hydrated will seal in the moisture and reduce in trans-dermal moisture loss – which is water leaving the body.

Exfoliator: For the face, using a gentle exfoliator daily will help eliminate excess dead skin cells, allowing for better absorption of day and night hydrating products. For the body, opt for a softer type of skin exfoliator during this harshest of seasons. Instead of abrasive ingredients such as ground nuts, or fruit pits to remove dead, dry, skin cells – using finely milled grape seeds, or round use a hydrating mask to whisk away the debris. Your skin will feel smooth – and moisturized. If you feel you must exfoliate, use a wash cloth to aid in dead skin removal. But forget about ‘Bufpufs’ and other abrasive skin tools – are too harsh – save them to scrub your tub – not your face!

Susie Galvez, Beauty and Image Expert

Moisturize and Zap

If you experience issues with frequent breakouts, it is a misconception to never use any kind of moisturizer, which would zap the skin of its natural balance.  You may want to try a light weight, oil-free hydrator in your regimen.  These products will add moisture but not weigh down your skin with thick oils.  For problematic pimples try using the Tanda Zap, that treats blemishes using a targeted blue light. Hyaluronic Acid is a great hydrator that is not an oil so it will not clog pores, causing acne.  When choosing a daily SPF, try a dry sun protection that can absorb oil and help fight breakouts while protecting the skin.

Dr. Michael Gold, Dermatologist/Dermatologic Surgeon, Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN

Oily Skin – Moisturizer to the Rescue

As a professional makeup artist, I would recommend that women with oily skin moisturize daily, just like women with normal or dry skin. Even though the skin may seem to be over-hydrated due to the excess amount of oil, it is not. There are certain nutrients that women need to have in their skin to help with firmness, lines and wrinkles, and other aging issues. The product you use will determine the outcome of your skin. There are many oil-free, oil-control moisturizers, that when used correctly, actually help the excess oil “problem”. Products that are created for women with oily skin actually may decrease the amount of oil that comes through the pores while also help with anti-aging.

Heather C. Adessa, Owner, Makeup & Hair by Heather A.

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