How to Build Self-Confidence and Be Naturally Sexy

BeautyA few weeks back we took at a look at how, as women, we can exude a naturally sexy look. Many of our expert contributors wrote in about the importance of being confident in ourselves – in our whole selves, mind and body. Many times this is a task that is easier talked about, than actually accomplished.

Today, our panel of experts have written in with a suggestion on how to achieve the self-confidence we need to be our naturally sexy selves.

Confidence Is Sexy!

What makes a woman REALLY Sexy? Women come to me for all sorts of methods to improve their appeal. Breast enhancements, weight loss, motivation, etc… At the core of each of these reasons are confidence, self-image, & a sense of improved security in their self as a woman.

Certainly there are lots of other reasons women come for hypnosis & hypnotherapy, but for those whose primary reason is related to their attractiveness, the end result is always enhanced confidence; confidence in the way they look, confidence in their performance, and most of all confidence in themselves.

Women who exude a sense of self-confidence appear to know what they want, and they tend to get it. People tend to take notice, and sense a natural attraction to that type of personality. In the end, women who feel confident, act confident. Women who act confident are seen as sexy and appealing. The way an appealing woman is treated reinforces her feelings of self-confidence, and so the cycle continues.

Danny Jackson CHt, Certified Hypnotherapist, Act Now Wellness Center

Get Your Mind in Line for a Sexy Body!

The natural sexiness from healthy eating and exercise includes a naturally slim, toned shape, beaming energy, and the glow and vibrancy of true health and beauty–all without the smoke and mirrors. However, consistently getting yourself to eat right and exercise is always the hard part. Will power and self-discipline are usually not enough.

Therefore, I suggest finding and listening to quality hypnosis audio sessions as you’re going to bed each night. Good hypnosis will provide a steady flow of positive suggestions to regularly eat better, exercise more, etc. As you naturally relax and focus on the hypnosis each night, you’ll become more receptive to the many directives to change–and your behaviors will improve accordingly.

In short, quality hypnosis will help you develop and maintain the necessary motivation, focus, and commitment to treat your body right with healthy eating and exercise. And when you treat your body right, a naturally slimmer, sexier you awaits!

Dr. Randy Gilchrist, Owner, The Weight Loss Mindset


  1. Hypnosis recordings are a partial solution to confidence issues. Suggestions that, “You will be confident,” can only go so far. It is better to begin the process by seeing a hypnotherapist in person. Such sessions will explore your subconscious to see where cracks in the foundation of your confidence began. It is not something you can do on your own. Once the issues have been resolved in your subconscious, hypnosis recordings can serve to remind you of how to exercise your confidence until it becomes a new habit.

    • Good suggestion, Steve. It is always best to consult your physician before starting a new program of any kind. Many times if the underlying issues are not resolved any treatment that we choose will work more like a band-aid and not have the lasting effects we hope for. Thank you for your comment!

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