How to Avoid Dry, Brittle Skin this Fall Season

egg white skin treatmentsAs the weather turns from warm to cold this fall season, so should our beauty regimen go from light to lavish. The canvas we provide for our look is as important as our look itself.

To prevent dry skin read the following moisturizing tips from our expert contributors. They will have your skin exuding a healthy glow throughout the cold, dry fall and winter seasons.

Flip the Switch on Your Beauty Regimen

Switch from light to lavish lotions. Warmer weather skin care regimen tend to be on the lighter side, with bubbling cleansers, spritz-on toners, and oil-free moisturizers. As the weather starts to cool, begin mixing your lighter products with a little of your richer winter weather skin care regimen to help ease the skin into the colder climate. As your skin becomes exposed to heated areas such as homes, offices, and cars, plan on disposing of any warm weather skin regimen leftovers.

Susie Galvez, International Beauty Expert

Help Your Skin Drink

We feed our faces all those fabulous moisturizers, then don’t even let them drink! I carry small spray bottle with calming or energizing essential oil in the purified water. One in my purse, one on my desk, one by my toothbrush. I spray every time I think of it, especially in dry climates. Spray and let it sink in….Aaaahhh.

Debbie Johnson, Author of Think Yourself Young 

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