How To Avoid Bacteria Build-Up in Your Makeup Bag

Many of us go through a phenomenon during the spring and fall seasons. Our instincts of preparation kick in and we go into cleaning mode. This might entail organizing the storage room before the holidays arrive, or cleaning out all the closets when it is time to put away our winter clothes in preparation for warmer weather. Now ladies… have you ever considered doing the same with your makeup drawer?

I am certainly guilty of holding onto makeup MUCH longer than I should. However, this is not just a matter of organization, it is a matter of health. Avoid a build-up of bacteria from infiltrating your cosmetic bag by following these simple rules from our expert contributor, Beauty and Image Expert, Susie Galvez:

When In Doubt… Throw It Out

When in doubt, without a doubt ~ throw, toss, or kick it out. But to help minimize your doubts (and more to the point, bacteria) by following these guidelines:

  • If it looks or smells funny – toss it.
  • Keep all products out of sunlight.
  • If any product has separated, shake it. If it still looks like oil and vinegar dressing—out it goes.
  • Never, ever add saliva to product that has dried out. Throw it away.
  • Keep containers, closed—air is the enemy of product preservation.
  • When opening a new skin care cream, discard the plastic shield on top. It is there to protect the product during shipping. Keeping it on after opening could cause the product to spoil by trapping bacteria.

Susie Galvez, Beauty and Image Expert, and Author

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