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Eat Well (cookies)We sure do have a lot of decisions to make over the holiday season, what to buy for the-person-who-has-everything on our list, what to wear to our holiday work party, what to serve at our family holiday gathering.  It can be a very overwhelming month.  If we are not careful, one of the first decisions we let go to the wayside is our choice to eat healthy.

Try using these healthy living tips from our expert contributors and make it through the holidays without sacrificing your healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Make Healthy Choices

Make Good Beverage Choices

Holiday parties often have opportunities for drinking alcoholic beverages – remember that calories in these add up quickly, especially in mixed drinks. Light beer or vodka and seltzer are some lower calorie choices. Alternate between alcoholic beverages and water during the course of the night.

Eat Balanced Meals and Healthy Snacks

Don’t hold off on eating all day to “bank” your calories for the party that night – you’ll most likely be starving by party time and end up binging on high calorie treats. Instead, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. If you won’t have time to eat a light dinner before the party, be sure to snack on a fiber and protein rich snack beforehand. Fiber and protein help you feel full and satisfied longer, so that apple with peanut butter may help you fight the urge to pick at all the appetizers when you arrive.

Eat Sweets with Caution

There will likely be lots of sweet temptations during the holiday season – your coworker brings in a pecan pie to work, your book club members bring Christmas cupcakes to your meeting, and holiday parties become a potluck of yummy desserts. Before you indulge in each and every one, ask yourself – is this really a special holiday treat? If it’s your grandma’s pumpkin pie that she only makes once a year – dig in. But, another box of store bought cookies out in the office break room? Take a pass.

Bring a Healthy Dish to Pass

If you’re bringing food to a party, consider bringing a healthy option – that way, you know there will be something for you to eat. Top a fruit salad with some pomegranate seeds for a delicious and festive touch to a healthy dish.

Be Active

Remember that not all holiday activities have to revolve around food – try a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, or get the family involved in a game of charades or a karaoke battle at your next Christmas party.

Chrissy Carroll, Registered Dietitian and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Inspired Wellness Solutions, LLC 

Weight Off, Holidays On

  • Do 1 specific yoga pose a day
  • Drink a glass of hot water and lemon every morning
  • Stick to maximum of two types of holiday appetizers
  • Let someone help you! Join an exercise class or partner with a friend to keep moving through the holidays – and beyond.

Lauren Imparato, I.AM.YOU.

Move, Move, Move

Move at least 30 minutes a day to keep holiday weight gain to a limit. Park your car further away at the mall. Walk the entire mall and use the stairs instead of the elevators. 5 – 10 minute walks or spurts of exercise are better than nothing. Try walking and marching in place while watching TV or dancing to your favorite song on the radio.

Zele Avradopoulos, Owner, ZOrganize- Organizing Services for Home & Office 

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  1. Great advice. These simple tips should help keep the weight off during the holidays. I especially agree with making sure to eat during the day. Going to a party when your starving is not a good idea. It will be impossible to resist the temptation to gorge on the holiday goodies.

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