Healthy Eating Habits Understood

Well Balanced DietUnderstand healthy eating habits and why dieting is a trend of the past.  Changing your habits by eating healthy food is what our experts recommend in order to lose weight and maintain a slim body for good.

Learn the difference between dieting and healthy eating.  You can start by trying the following healthy, natural drink recipe.  After all, eating healthy should taste good!


Weight Gain Understood


Whereas diets don’t work in the long run, lifestyle improvement offer lifelong health benefits. The life in our foods communicates with the life in us, but, unfortunately, this vital aspect is lost once foods are processed. White, refined foods are addictive, we always want more in an effort to find that spark of life that has been removed from these foods, ironically to give them shelf life.

When food is whole, ripe, fresh and organic, it not only contains vitamins and minerals that satisfy us, in addition to the essential fiber that keeps us full, but it isn’t an incapacitating full feeling as after the standard holiday dinner. Feeling full on fresh foods is being free of hunger, satisfied, and energetic.

The fiber in all fresh produce has powerful cleansing benefits. When food is refined, processed, denatured in packages, it no longer has the above characteristics in tact, and the eater will not be satisfied in the long run. In an attempt to obtain the essential nutrients, there will always be a craving for more. Refined foods will always lack what the body needs, and overeating of nutritionally empty foods ensues. The overweight victim is really starving for nutrients found only in fresh plant foods – Fruits and Vegetables.

Karen Ranzi, Author, Lecturer, Living Food Consultant, SHR Publishing

Strawberry Splash

Juice of 2 oranges
Flesh of one orange, chopped
2 bananas chopped
10 organic strawberries, fresh or frozen

Juice 2 oranges, add one chopped orange and 2 bananas and 10 strawberries (fresh or frozen), some water (depending on how thick you like it) and blend. Adding a chopped mango when in season is delicious too.

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