Good Nutrition Tips for the Holidays

Well Balanced DietTis the season to be jolly, enjoy holiday feasts and fret about weight gain. Now that we have “officially” kicked off the holidays with our Thanksgiving celebration, it’s time to plan our strategy for getting through the next 4 and a half weeks without gaining 10 pounds.

Eating and living healthy is a decision that we stick to year ’round, holidays or not.  Learn how to enjoy your holiday parties using the following good nutrition tips that will give you the best of both worlds.


  1. Relax and don’t stress. Stress, and the comfort food we seek for solace, add more weight than the occasional indulgence at the office holiday party. Leave some time to enjoy the season and don’t over schedule yourself to the point that you’re exhausted at the end of each day.
  2. Make smart drink choices. You know you are going to have that cocktail or glass of wine, so bank some calories by making better choices throughout the day. Water is best, always! The biggest mistake I see is a day of calorie burning shopping at the mall completely wiped out with a 500 calorie, whipped cream laden, holiday coffee drink. Pack that bottle of water in your bag, and if you really need a pick me up, have a cup of regular coffee. Black is best, but if you add reasonable amounts of milk and sugar it only adds 50-60 calories.
  3. When you attend those high calorie feasts we call holiday parties, make smart food choices. The veggie tray, nuts, cold boiled shrimp and anything whole grain will fill you up and provide serious satiety. Stay away from anything in a puffed pastry or that is covered in cheese. And don’t be fooled by those inviting, tiny little meatballs. They’re 100 calorie depth charges, ready to destroy all of your hard work.

Ed Boullianne, Author / Presenter, You Can’t Outsource Weight Loss


  • Schedule in your workouts as if they are doctor’s appointments – you would never cancel a doctor’s appointment, would you? You’d plan happy hour and parties around a doctor’s appointment, so value your time with yourself as much as you value your time with your doctor!
  • Before entering a party, take a few deep breaths in the car. Fill yourself up with fresh energy and confidence.
  • Eat protein every 3 to 4 hours to ensure that your blood sugar levels are stable. This will prevent cookie binges or fatty appetizer cravings. If you really want sweets, force yourself to eat a handful of fruit or veggies first. Then you’ll be less likely to overeat on the junk food.

Stephanie Mansour, CEO: Health & Fitness Expert, Body Image & Confidence Coach, Step It Up with Steph


One of my key pieces of advice is to not save up for that holiday meal! Eat regularly spaced meals like you normally should be doing, and then eat more low calorie vegetables in those meals. This way you don’t end up being so hungry for the holiday meal that you throw everything down the hatch and overeat as a result. So, eat every 3 hours and keep the meals lighter than usual with mostly green veggies and a little bit of lean protein. Keep the grains to a minimum! Apply these same ideas when you get to main event – think greens, not grains!

Joanna Chodorowska, President, Lead Nutrition Coach, Nutrition in Motion

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