Go For It! And Take Yourself to the Next Level

When reaching and setting new goals there can be a danger of falling backwards or hitting a plateau. Read the following tips from our expert contributors to learn new ideas that will help you keep up the good work – or even take it to another level.

Re-Evaluate Your Goals

When it comes to exercise and diet I always tell my clients to make sure that there goals are attainable. Once they have gotten to where they feel most happy with themselves I have them take a few steps back to make sure they are able to keep up with the goals they have set and achieved. Most people once they have gotten to the point where the goal is met tend to start falling back into old habits, because they feel they can reward themselves.

My suggestion is stay where you are till your new weight loss feel comfortable long term. Then start to switch up your workouts, and food. Maybe adding a different cardio class to the mix or getting a trainer to show you how to lift weights properly for your new goals, or introduce healthier options to your meals whenever you can. Sometimes its the little changes that make the big difference. If you put to much stress on whats next your chances of going back to where you started are greater.

Francesca Pucher, Fitness Trainer/Healthy Cook, Fitness 1-2-1


Once you’ve reached a major goal, expand your focus. As an athlete, I use extreme distance running as my base and then pursue a number of other sports. For example, once I felt like I’d done it all (or nearly all) in the realm of ultrarunning, I started climbing mountains and adventure racing. I was in my fifties when I summitted all of the highest peaks on every continent, including Mt. Everest, and I also found that I really enjoyed working on a team.

Running can be quite solitary, but mountaineering and adventure racing are all about teamwork. So take a look at what your “base” might be, and expand from there: diversify. What’s related but different? What’s new and challenging? What makes you excited to get back out there and give it your all?

Marshall Ulrich, Author of “Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner’s Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America”, Dreams in Action

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