Get Egg-cellent Skin With Egg White Facials

egg white skin treatmentsWhether you’re looking for cleaner, smoother, softer or even firmer looking and feeling skin – look no further than eggs. Egg whites (and as I learned recently) even egg yolks have amazing benefits for beautiful skin.

I asked skincare experts to tell us how we can use eggs to bring out our most beautiful skin. Here are three great ways:

#1: Don’t Forget the Yolk

If you want your skin to feel clean and soft to the touch, try this simple facial. The best part about this is that all you need is an egg. Yes, two small bowls, a fork or small whisk, and one egg are all that is required.

  • First, wash your face to remove any makeup, and pat your skin dry.
  • Then, take an egg and separate the yolk and the white of the egg, place them in separate small bowls.
  • Next take your fork or whisk and whisk the egg yolk and egg white.
  • Apply the egg yolk to your face and let it dry.
  • Then apply the egg white over the egg yolk and let that dry.

Simply wash off the facial mask after both applications have dried – your face will feel ever so clean and soft!

— Paula M. Ezop,

#2: Egg White Firming Mask

This mask can dramatically tone your skin and visibly shrink your pores. Its results are amazing, if only temporary. You’ll swear you’ve had a mini-face-lift when you’re finished. NOTE: Be aware that egg whites and cornstarch form a very tightening duo; this combination will leave you unable to comfortably move your mouth when it completely dries.

Ingredients: white of 1 cold, fresh small or medium egg, 1 tsp. cornstarch.


  • Combine the egg white and cornstarch in a small bowl or drinking glass and beat with a fork or small whisk until foamy and well blended. This mixture should not be lumpy.

Application Tips:

  • Using fingers smooth the gooey, gel-like mask onto the face and throat in a thin even coat.
  • You must lie down while this dries or gravity will pull your face and any wrinkle you have downward – which is not what you want.
  • If you have a slanted chaise or a board that you can arrange in a slant, lie on this while your mask is drying for approximately 20 minutes. Rinse.

— Heather A. Howell, CCA, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist,

#3: Egg Whites and Pepto-Bismol®

Dr. Tenore recommends simple, inexpensive home remedies like egg white or Pepto-Bismol® masks to help reduce inflammation and provide a boost for skin. Whip up two egg whites until frothy, apply to the face and let it sit for 15 minutes for a rejuvenating, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle mask. Pepto-Bismol® has anti-inflammatory properties, and a thin layer applied to the face can help reduce redness.

— Dr. Josie Tenore, Fresh Skin Aesthetic Medicine, Highland Park, IL

 Paula, Heather and Dr. Tenore – thank you very much for sharing these amazing tips.

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