Find Balance in Your Oily Skin Care Routine

Oily SkinFinding the balance in your oily skin care routine is a frustrating process.  Relief rarely comes even in the dry months of winter.  You might be tempted to skip over the moisturizing process all together to help manage the oil production in your skin.  Our experts explain why this isn’t such a good idea.  Learn why moisturizer should be a part of your daily beauty routine, even if you have oily skin!

Using one or more of these recommendations from our panel of experts may have your oily skin looking smooth and supple.


Oily Skin Needs Hydration Too!

As a professional makeup artist, I would recommend that women with oily skin moisturize daily, just like women with normal or dry skin. Even though the skin may seem to be over-hydrated due to the excess amount of oil, it is not. There are certain nutrients that women need to have in their skin to help with firmness, lines and wrinkles, and other aging issues. The product you use will determine the outcome of your skin.

There are many oil-free, oil-control moisturizers, that when used correctly, actually help the excess oil “problem”. Products that are created for women with oily skin actually may decrease the amount of oil that comes through the pores while also help with anti-aging.

Heather Adessa, Makeup Artist, Makeup & Hair by Heather A.


A Good Moisturizer Works Miracles on Oily Skin!

As a lifetime “oiler”, who suffered with horrible breakouts, caring for my skin has included finding the combination of products and processes that work ~ I now have an absolutely flawless complextion. And that’s a miracle!

As the birthdays keep coming, I find that my skin is becoming a little less oily.  However, I’m still an avid moisturizer-er. Sufficient hydration is critical to proper skin care.  I drink lots of water and regularly moisturize. To manage my facial oil, I exfoliate 1-2 times weekly and use a non-oil based moisturizer to help replenish the suppleness of my skin. A good moisturizer also helps me to apply my foundation smoothly. I hope these tips help you to Be-U-ti-Full…everyday!

Val McLeod, Chief Executive Facilitator, Conversations with V!

Oatmeal & Green Tea to Ease Irritated or Sensitive Skin

Oatmeal and green tea are great cures for sensitive or irritated skin!  Try making an oatmeal mask with honey or soaking washcloths in green tea and laying them on your skin.

Debra Jaliman, MD, Author of, Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist, Private Practice, Board Certified Dermatologist, Debra Jaliman, MD

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