Fashion Advice to Look Fabulous Over 40

StyleBeing over 40, we know a few things. We’ve experienced much of life and many of us can say we’ve finally reached a point where we know ourselves, or at least we know how we want others to perceive us. Incorporating that into our fashion choices can sometimes be a challenge. Our expert contributors suggest seeking guidance to be sexy over 40.

Learn how to find the styles that are right for you and how to use the latest trends to accent (and not exhaust) your overall look.

Over 40 and Under Fabulous?

Let the professionals help you.
Take the time to visit a high-end retailer and allow a fashion consultant to let you know what colors work best for you. Be prepared to make a purchase, even if it’s only one piece.

Have a consultation for a new haircut.
These can be very effective in giving you a more youthful, yet age-appropriate appearance. Make sure the maintenance routine fits your lifestyle.

Be willing to step out of your mundane, your usual, your expected.
Comfort can be overrated. Be playful, be adventurous, AND be authentic. You absolutely can do all at the same time.

Eden Sterlington, Emotional Independence Specialist, Get Back to Passion

Take that item you just bought and learn how to play it up by down-playing the other pieces of your outfit, being careful not to over accessorize.

Incorporate One or Two Fashion Trends at a Time

Looking stylish and sexy over 40 can be a difficult fashion challenge – it is a balancing act between dressing too matronly and dressing too young. To avoid looking like a “fashion victim” (wearing too many trends at once) or looking a bit dowdy and boring, you should incorporate one, perhaps two, current trends to wear at a time, and make sure it is a trend you feel comfortable with.

For example, if you choose to wear a “statement necklace” then go for a simple earring. If you are wearing one of this spring’s trends, a floral print blouse or dress, then wearing stacking bracelets, a leather jacket and gladiator sandals all at once will be too much.

On the other hand, staying with just classic accessories and styles may come across as boring and not youthful enough. You can also incorporate many current trends in a modified, toned-down way.

For example, rather that purchase boots or a bag with studs and other hardware all over them, try finding one with just a bit of hardware so it isn’t too edgy.

Many of the clothes lines that appeal to women 40+ incorporate fashion trends in an age-appropriate way.

Orene Kearn, Certified Image & Wardrobe Consultant, Orene Kearn Image & Wardrobe Consulting

What is your favorite fashion trend right now and how do you pair it with another piece of your wardrobe to bring your look together?

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