Fall Makeup Ideas from Makeup Artist Shalea Walker

Today we continue to explore this season’s hottest makeup trends. We asked our expert contributor, Shalea Walker, to share some of her makeup ideas with us regarding the 2011 Face of Fall.

Shalea Walker is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist with nearly a decade of worldwide expertise in the field of beauty and skincare. Having worked with celebrities and luminaries from the entertainment world that include Ne-Yo, Jesse McCartney, Diane Reeves and Lil Mama, her diverse talent is uniquely suited to handle any and all beauty and skincare needs.

You can read her valuable tips in the following interview:

What are your favorite trends for the Fall season?

I’m in love with lipstick and matte finished looks right now. But what I’m really most inspired by this season is that color is making a comeback. Bright matte shadows, bright lip sticks and eyeliners – it seems that color has been out for a long time, and only now does it feel right again.

Any insider tips on how to achieve these looks?

The key to achieving these looks is to go simple. Pick one color or one product and run with it, as for the rest of your face, when you are doing a bright look, the rest should be understated.

What are some ways we can translate over the top runway trends into a more subdued, every day look?

One way to make more over-the-top looks, such as bright eyeshadow and lipsticks, more subdued is to sheer out the color. You can sheer out colors by not packing your shadow brush with pigment and by not wetting your shadow brush, or using a light hand with your shadows. Another way to sheer out a color is to mix it with a clear gloss, or to wash out a color you could always add something white to it to make the hue less intense.

Any products you can’t live with out?

I love cream foundations because no matter what the occasion, it will do its job as far as coverage, you can always sheer it out in the application or by mixing the cream with a moisturizing agent like a moisturizer or a face oil. I love my MAC Super Slick Liquid Eyeliner, it’s high shine and has a fool proof applicator. Walker’s Apothecary Super Moisturizing Serum is a must because it provides the perfect amount of moisture to prep the skin.

Can you give us some overall tips on how to create a flawless canvas?

First step in a flawless canvas is hydrated skin. I like to use 3 foundation colors to achieve perfect skintone. The lightest underneath the eyes, overall skin tone on the face and the darkest foundation around the forehead and under the cheekbones and jawline. I use a stiffer, dense contour brush such as MAC 109 brush to apply liquid and cream foundations then I use a light yellow toned power to set the foundation with a fluffy powder brush. After the face is done I spray The Walker’s Apothecary Rose Geranium Toner. This brings life back to the skin after being set with powder.

Shalea Walker, makeup artist, esthetician and founder of Walker’s Apothecary 

Thank you, Shalea, for the excellent make-up advice!

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