Fall In Love with Clear Skin

Healthy SkinAs we continue to explore this year’s face of fall, today we are learning about the importance of maintaining a proper canvas, clear skin.

Our experts tell us that it’s less about what we use on the outside, and MORE about what we put INSIDE that matters. Learn about foods for healthy skin and also about the chow you’ll want to avoid entirely.

Fall In Love with Clear Skin

Clear skin is always in season! It allows the perfect canvas for the hottest trends in makeup so you always put your best face forward. Achieve this fresh, timeless look by keeping skin clean and moisturized. These simple steps in your skincare routine will make a huge difference in light or heavy makeup applications.

  • Consider using a gentle, plant-based cleanser to gently remove impurities from the skin’s surface. Follow up with up with a natural toner, rosewater is an excellent choice.
  • Seal in moisture with a light facial oil or crème that contains natural and organic properties. This will ensure optimum hydration throughout the day.
  • Diet is equally important when it comes to clear skin. Proper hydration is key, so be sure to include an ample amount of water in your diet.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption as it robs the skin of moisture and promotes the accumulation of toxins in the body.
  • Include foods containing Vitamin C in your diet as well. Leafy green vegetables, strawberries, broccoli, and bell peppers are excellent sources of Vitamin C promoting skin that is healthy and radiant!

Christin Peeples, Beauty Expert / Founder Jordan Alexis Beauty

It’s Not What You Put on the Outside

I’m often asked why I have beautiful skin at 60 and what products I use. I use very pedestrian products like soap and water and witch hazel as a makeup remover. I try very hard to only use organic, chemical free makeup and skin care products. My top secret weapons:

1.  Keep insulin levels low by eating a lower carbohydrate/higher protein diet. High insulin levels contribute to free radical oxidation of your skin (think of a car rusting in the sun).

2.  Drink green juice. The antioxidants also prevent free radical damage and the vitamins and minerals contribute to healthy skin production.

3.  Eat healthy fats (butter, meat and the fat off of meat, coconut oil, flavored cod liver oil, primrose, black current seed, and borage are some). Fats keep skin moist by replenishing cellular structures.

4.  Wear only zinc oxide based sunblock and put it on every day under your makeup.

5.  Use bioidentical hormone replacement. Estrogen keeps skin plump and healthy.

6.  Stay hydrated. Mummies are not that cute :)

Nancy Deville, Mind, body, spirit wellness spokesperson, Heavenly Clouds. LLC 

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