Facial Exercises for Natural Anti Aging Remedies

Be FitMany of us prefer to incorporate a more natural approach to our anti aging regimen.  Instead of using medical procedures to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, there are many other alternatives, including the following facial exercises.

Try using these tips from our expert contributor, Holistically Hattie.  These anti aging treatments are completely natural and will keep your skin looking fit and youthful.

Facial Exercise for Increased Circulation


It’s not news that to maintain a fit, youthful body, we need to exercise. But most of us never think about our face needing a workout. Well, it does! I’ve createda series of unique facial exercises that I’ve been doing for decades. Like all women I want to look young and beuatiful… however I know in my heart that surgery and shots aren’t the answer for me.

You may well ask. Does exercise really lift your face? And I’ll answer with a resounding “yes!” I’m 75, and my face is smooth, soft and sexy… and I look like ME! Here are 3 basic moves that I’d like to share with you.


Open your mouth as wide as you can while pulling your lips down over your teeth, as if you had no teeth, Now strongly press your knuckles up against your cheek muscles while saying “ooh” and ahh”. with only your lips moving. Start with 10… work up to fifty. With this exercise, you’re working your buccinator muscles against the resistance of your pressure. That helps them stop dropping.


Keeping your mouth tighly closed, puff up your cheeks as far as they’ll go, like Satchmo. Hold for 10 counts, release and repeat 10 times.


Holding your mouth slightly open, pull the corners of your mouth as wide as you can. The release and let the mouth snap back to its natural position.

In case you’re afraid that stretching and strong exercise will age your skin, I want to assure you that muscles crave movment, and challenging the body is good for it. The results are increased circulation, removal of toxins and a revitalized, expressive face… at every age! Enjoy!

Hattie, Holistically Hattie, RetroAge

Now, honestly… who is willing to admit they performed these exercises while reading this article? I know I did!


  1. I once quipped, “Facelifts are like pototo chips.. You can’t have just one!” When you touch your face with appreciation and admiration while doing my recommended “Facercises”, you will glow with the bloom of youth… and the beautiful face in the mirror will possess your God-given beauty, without surgery or shots!
    That beauty lasts a lifetime!

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