Exude Sexiness By Pursuing Your Happiness

egg white skin treatmentsDon’t you love the mornings when you wake up happy for no particular reason at all? Or the times when you catch a case of the giggles and your whole body shakes with laughter? What about when you find yourself immersed in a project that is both enjoyable and stimulating? WOW! Those are good days! My smile is brighter and my heart becomes lighter just thinking about it!

Well, our panel of experts agrees that there is a direct correlation between happy and sexy. A woman who knows how to enjoy herself exudes attractiveness. And by attractiveness, I’m talking about that sense of wanting to know a person, to work with her, to befriend her, to be around her in general.

Read the following expert advice on ways you can start your very own pursuit of happiness:

The Pleasure Principle

Sexiness often gets conveyed as something that women can achieve by looking a certain way. But truthfully, natural sexiness is much more about your capacity to experience pleasure and be in tune with your sensual nature than it is about having a certain body type. If you want to tune into your sensuality, start by becoming aware of all five of your senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight) when doing the simplest of activities. For example, when applying lotion to your body, take your time, slow down, and really take in what that lotion smells like, feels like and looks like as you rub it into your skin. And stay aware of the pleasure you get from this simple daily regimen. You can carry over this kind of practice into eating and drinking as well. Just remember to tune in to each of your senses as you do each activity and really focus on and enjoy the pleasure you gain from it. As your sensual awareness and capacity for pleasure grows, so will your natural sexiness.

Claire Griffin Sterrett, Author, Speaker, Teacher, The Pole Story

It’s In the Belly Laugh

Did you know that when you laugh from your belly, chemicals change, muscles engage, and euphoric endorphins make a party in your brain? Sexy oozes from people who laugh a lot. We want to be with these people because they attract us like nobody’s business. So leave the creams and lotions on the shelf. Take the money that you would have spent and buy a Bill Cosby album. Your endorphins will thank you.

Linda Pond, Inventor, Author, Speaker 

Love What You Do

When you are passionate about what you are doing on a daily basis, you will ooze sexiness. Why? Because we ALL are sensual beings, we just forget sometimes. I’m not talking about the overdone “sexiness” that we often see around us. I’m talking about the sexiness that comes from a deep place within you that is subtle, yet powerful and irresistible. When you love what you are doing in your life, you will feel connected with yourself at a deep level, you will naturally feel more sexy and then the world around can’t help but sense your sexiness when they interact with you.

Dr. Laura Ciel Owner, 1One World Leadership

 What makes you feel happy and sexy?



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