Experts Share How to Avoid Crackling, Caking Makeup Under Your Eyes

Sometimes I feel like I just can’t win when it comes to my under-eye area!

I wake up with bags and dark circles which I cover with concealer and half-way through the day, it looks like the Mojave Desert has landed under my eyes. Really – it’s just not fair!

Thankfully – I know a few experts… so I asked them what I should do to combat this endless loop. They gave me some great advice… here it is:

Even Application with Ring Fingers!

Always apply makeup primer first, following your day creme with SPF. Primer ensures that concealer and foundation is applied on a flawless canvas, eliminating caking and uneven application.

When applying concealer around the eyes, be sure to use your ring fingers and apply gently. In addition to under your eyes, lighten up your look by applying concealer on your full eyelid as well. The results are fantastic!

Only high-quality products, without mineral oil or artificial additives, should be used to ensure the best results and the most natural look.

— Kristen Booth, Independent Consultant and Area Manager, Arbonne International


As a rule of thumb you always want to make sure your skin is well moisturzied prior to applying any makeup to your face.

This rule is extremely important when using concealer, especially long wearing concealers. Concealers draw the moisture out of your skin as the day goes on causing it to appear cakey and eventually fading. This effect is even more apparent under our eyes. As part of your daily skin care routine make sure the area beneath your eyes is sufficiently hydrated.

If your under eye concealer is caking and you use an eye cream/serum make sure it is hydrating cream/serum. If not you will need to add a moisturizer for your under eye area to your daily routine.

— Ashley Pena Big Time Beauty


Eye Cream, Primer and more Primer

You would not paint walls without using a primer would you? Well, the same goes for the face, a primer is a “Must Do” for me and it is a step I never skip.

After applying my eye cream, I use a makeup primer (my current favorite is Arbonne’s makeup primer-Base De Maquillage) under my eyes. I then apply another primer, Stay Don’t Stray from Benefit. It has just enough color to hide the dark circles. That is it…beautiful eyes all day and no under-eye makeup cake.

— Veronica Mayo, Founder of Vemayca Cosmetic Bags


Makeup trick for younger looking skin around the eyes

Choose an eye cream containing Peptides, Sodium Hyaluronate, and crushed pearls. The Peptides and Sodium Hyaluronate reduces the appearances of wrinkles by hydrating skin around the eye area. The crushed pearls minimize the look of under eye circles so foundation and concealer will not be needed around the eye area. As a result, skin looks younger and wrinkles will not be accentuated by makeup.

Makeup application technique is the other step to younger looking skin around the eyes. Dot foundation on the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, and blend outwards, avoiding the eye area.

— Elise Hamamoto, Beauty Expert and Public Relations Manager at HydroPeptide

Bright Under-Eye Circles

Even if you have a normal foundation, cover-up, or powder routine, these products are not suitable for underneath your eyes. Each time you blink, the skin underneath your eye moves. If you wear a heavy product under your eyes, it will crack and begin to look cakey throughout the day.

To fix this problem, it’s worth purchasing a special under-eye makeup formula. These come in brighter colors so that they help hide dark circles, and they have the perfect thickness to cover while still being flexible. Clinique and Neutrogena make great formulas.

— Jennifer Jensen,

I’m sure I’m not alone in thanking these experts for their tips! I am already using a combination of these today and feeling great!

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