Enjoy Summer Skin Year Round with Sunless Tanners

egg white skin treatmentsUpon asking our experts advice about how we can keep our summer skin around long into the fall, we were overwhelmed with responses like the following from Dr. Joshua Zeichner:

TIP: How to maintain your tan? Continue using the bottle it came from!

I do not recommend tanning to any of my patients. The only tan I endorse is a sunless tan. The best way to maintain the summery glow of your skin is to continue using the same sunless tanning cream you have been using all summer. (Spray tans are ok in my book too.) You should always protect yourself from the sun, using sunscreen and sun protective clothing. Plus, it is best to avoid the sun during peak hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.

Joshua Zeichner, MD, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research

Thank you, Dr. Zeichner, for your tip. My biggest fear while using sunless tanners is waking the next day, staring at someone that resembles a bronzed orange in my bathroom mirror. Let’s face it. We have encountered walking proof that something like this can (and does) happen. Never fear! We have support on our side from beauty expert and Miss Photogenic WA USA 2011, Elise Hamamoto.

Follow her guide to score a safe and lasting faux glow:

First, prep your skin properly for a safe sunless tan. Start by thoroughly exfoliating your skin with your favorite body scrub, focusing extra attention on rougher skin on elbows, knees and heels.

After rinsing and patting skin dry, protect your hands with plastic gloves and apply your favorite sunless tanner. Give your product of choice five minutes to dry before putting on loose-fitting, dark clothing. Do not shower, swim, or do activities that will cause you to sweat for five hours to allow your tan to set. To develop an even deeper bronze glow, sleep with the sunless tanner on and wait to shower until the next morning.

After rinsing off the sunless tanner, pat skin dry and apply a rich moisturizing cream. Keeping faux tanned skin well moisturized is key to maintaining your glow.

Elise Hamamoto, Beauty Expert/ Public Relations Manager at HydroPeptide/ Miss Photogenic WA USA 2011

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