Eat Your Greens, Not Grains to Shed Pounds

Shed PoundsEating a balanced diet is more important than the actual act of dieting.  When women “go on a diet” they often overlook the variety of foods necessary to maintain balance and focus solely on consuming less.  This can cause a weight loss plateau and it becomes difficult to shed pounds.

Our expert contributors tell us to think less about losing weight and more about consuming a healthy balance of the foods necessary for our bodies to function properly.  Learn what foods to incorporate into your diet to fill your bellies while shedding pounds.

Boost the Vegetables

An easy way to eat more without a big calorie wallop is to eat more vegetables every day. I am not talking about French fries or vegetables dipped in ranch dressing. A big salad with dinner, raw vegetables as snacks, bowls of vegetable-based soups or lower fat vegetable side dishes all work well for filling you up with few calories. Eat a variety of in-season vegetables prepared in different ways. Use herbs and spices to jazz them up, with just a touch of oil, if you choose to use any. Each tablespoon of oil adds a whopping 120 calories, so a drizzle will have to do on a large serving of vegetables. Leafy greens, raw or cooked, can become your new best friend.

Jill Nussinow, The Veggie Queen

Eat Healthy Foods, Mostly plants

Eat a little healthier and in smaller portion sizes. Concentrate on foods that have high antioxidant value such as fresh fruits and veggies, and supplement with a women’s multivitamin. And once in a while do a little detoxification with natural teas.

Fueling the body with healthy foods and getting a minimal amount of exercise on a daily basis is the secret behind feeling healthy, attractive, and maintaining a body shape and size that can make you feel sexy and in tune with life!

Let junk food never be an option, instead make fruits and vegetables essential with every meal. When it comes to beverages, never consider soda. Enjoy juice, but because of all the sugar in fruit, stick to all-natural drinks, avoiding those that contain high-fructose corn syrup.

As one gets older, appreciating the value and flavor of water is one of the secrets to feeling great! In order to get through the day with energy and enthusiasm, stick to a diet high in protein and vegetables, do not overeat, and exercise for about an hour a day. And rather than being concerned with the scale, think more about overall energy level and daily activity commitment. As a result, body weight stays balanced!

Sally Shields, Author, SkinnyBodyCare

Eat Your Greens, Not Grains!

Women should eat a ton of vegetables, green and leafy green vegetables as well as the cruciferous ones. Vegetables need to replace grains, most of us eat too many grains. So go with more greens, not grains! Usually only one serving of grains per day for most people and include these in the meal after exercising. The rest of the day focus on consuming root vegetables and legumes and fruits as our carbohydrate source.

It is not what you eat solely that helps to shed weight. It is balancing the meals so that you balance your blood sugars that is the key. You can eat healthy but still be unbalanced and struggle with weight loss. If you are eating balanced meals regularly throughout the day, then the body starts to burn fat, not store it. We get leaner automatically. But, don’t forget to eliminate those grains, as those are more of an issue than women think!

Joanna Chodorowska, President, Lead Nutritionist, Nutrition in Motion

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