Dressing Sexy Over 40 with Legs, Leather, and Lace

StyleWhen choosing the perfect outfit to add to your wardrobe it is easy to get bogged down by all the latest trends being displayed around us.  More often than not, the clothes that look good on the hanger, don’t look so good in the dressing room.  Shopping can be a frustrating process if you are not confident in your style choices.

Learn how to own sexy over 40 by using your own individual twist to the styles available in stores today.

What Does Sexy Over 40 Mean to You?

I think dressing sexy is an individual preference…I think you can be sexy wearing anything. You can always tell what the trends are when you are shopping by looking at the manequins, or pictures in the stores. I use that as my guide and I tweak it to my liking. Just because it is a trend doesn’t mean you should wear it. If you hesitate when you are trying on clothing then it really isn’t for you. When looking in the mirror ask yourself

“Do I look like I’m trying to be younger than I am?”

“Do I look older than I am?”

Then decide if that outfit is for you. You know when something looks right and feels right, trust your instincts. Do alot of browsing around to get an idea of what women your age group are wearing and build upon that. Sometimes just adding a little mascara, some highlighted foundation with a little blush is just enough pop to make you feel more sexy. Just adding a little jewelry can make you feel sexy. The key is to find what sexy means to you, don’t let someone else define that.

Michelle Morton, http://www.michellemorton.wordpress.com

Cracking Sexy Over 40

Embrace Being a Woman

Don’t try to wear outfits meant for teens. Maturity is an asset and the self confidence that comes with it is the single most sexy thing a woman can possess. Wear items that skim the body and flatter your womanly curves without showing too much skin. A peek here and there is enticing, but leave the mini skirts and skimpy tops to the teens.

Wear Color

Sure the “little black dress” is a staple. But black can drain the color from your face and can make you appear severe and older than your years. As we age we lose the natural “glow” we once had and wearing a pretty color near your face puts that glow back where it belongs. Avoid draining colors like gray or mauve and opt instead for red, coral, pink or a deep jewel tone.

Deborah Everton, Costume Designer, Cracking the Style Code

Legs, Leather & Lace: Dressing Sexy Over 40 and Beyond

It’s clear women over 40 are just as sexy as 30 and 20 year olds, sometimes sexier. When dressing sexy, the most important aspect for any woman to remember is pick your best or favorite feature and play it up, big time. If you dress sexy by showing too much, like Snookie and the women of the “Jersey Shore,” it can look super trashy and inappropriate.

If you have great legs, showcase them. I have been asked by women in their 40’s or 50’s if it’s okay to go bare legged or should they wear nylons? The answer is “bare legs” and any blemishes, scars or veins can be covered easily. For incredible “flawless” looking legs, I mix bronzer with airbrush leg spray (under $15) and apply evenly. You can always wear tights in the fall and winter as well.

If your best asset is your waist, cinch it in with a belt or wear a sexy wrap dress (Think Sofia Vergera from “Modern Family”). If you want to show cleavage that’s okay too. Draped tops and plunging blouses are very in style this season, but wear the proper bra or layer a trendy lace camisole under to show off cleavage conservatively rather than revealing too much.

One of the sexiest features are women’s eyes and lips, so if you’re dressing sexy add a smoldering brown or charcoal smoky eye and a lip color most flattering for your skin tone. It will pull the whole look together and a statement necklace or pretty bracelets accessorized with a sexy dress or pant’s suit never hurts either.

Bonus: One of the sexiest looks for Fall are leather leggings and if you pair them with black heels or boots, a crisp white top or sweater, you can’t go wrong. Cheers!

Dale Janeé Steliga, Savvy Spice

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