Dermatologists Suggest These Ingredients for Adult Acne Help

If you are plagued with adult acne and nothing seems to help reduce your acne breakouts, there is hope! Often times, we try and try to solve the mystery to what causes our adult acne, only to come up empty handed. At some point we find that we could use a little acne help.

Learn what ingredients these dermatologists recommend their patients use and avoid to help them have clear, beautiful skin.

Rid Your Adult Acne

I like to use sonic machines to cleanse sensitive acne prone skin. The Clarisonic is a good choice as it has a sensitive skin brush head. This way you are exfoliating the dead skin gently without an abrasive sponge which would be irritating. I also like products like Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser as it contains salicylic acid to help exfoliate and also willow bark, which is soothing.

If the skin is really delicate you may opt for an even milder cleanser that is fragrance free and noncomedogenic.

Another tip is that readers should check every product they use from moisturizer, makeup, coverup and sunscreen to make certain that they are all noncomedogenic. If one is not then the skin will breakout in an acne prone individual.

Debra Jaliman MD, Manhattan Board Certified Dermatologist, Debra Jaliman MD

Get a Hold of Your Adult Acne

What kinds of ingredients should adult acne sufferers look for in their cleanser and which should they avoid?

For the most part, exfoliating agents, such as the alpha and beta hydroxy acids, should be the ingredients that should be in the cleansers for acne – these include the glycolic acids, the lactic acids, and even the salicylic acids.Products should be non-comedogenic – that is, they should not have ingredients that may cause a flair of acne.

Fragrance-free is also usually important in acne skin care products. As well, benzoyl peroxides, often the standard for most with acne, need to be minimized in the adult population – they may be too drying alone.

What kind of moisturizer is best for women with adult acne?

Moisturizers for women with adult acne need to be oil-free, light in overall consistency, and hydrate the skin well. They need to be non-comedogenic as well. Lack of hydration of the skin can actually lead to an increase in sebum production and more acne lesions – so moisturizing in the adult with acne is very important.

What kinds of ingredients should adult acne sufferers look for in their moisturizer and which should they avoid?

Several ingredients are useful here – ingredients like lactic acid and the hyaluronic acids are most beneficial when dealing with adult acne. Glycerin is also a useful ingredient. If there is someone with sensitive skin or one who “irritates” with everything, using a product with growth factors can help minimize the concerns. One needs to avoid anything with heavy moisturizing ingredients – such as mineral oil and products like shea butter.

What kind of spot treatment product is best for women with adult acne?

There are several products we recommend regularly, including the use of Glytone’s flesh-tinted acne lotion. Using the Tanda Zap – a spot blue light treatment, is also useful.

What kinds of ingredients should adult acne sufferers look for in their spot treatment and which should they avoid?

Ingredients to look for – benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, sulfur – all useful on spot treatments.

What are the most commonly irritating ingredients found in beauty products (could be skincare, makeup, hair care, anything)?

Fragrance, color additions, high alcohol based products, some of the preservatives.

Dr. Michael Gold, Dermatologist/Dermatologic Surgeon, Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville, TN

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