Dermatologist’s Best Tips for Oily Skin Types

Oily SkinOily skin can be a real problem. Try hiding it with makeup, and it only adds more oil to your face. Try drying it out with harsh cleansers, and your skin fights back with more oil.

I asked a Dermatologist what she recommends to battle oily skin, and here’s what she had to say:

1. Use non-comedogenic products. Oily skin tends to also be prone to acne of all types from small blemishes called comedonal acne to those really big ones called cystic acne. By choosing products that have already been studied in the cosmetic company’s laboratory, you minimize the possibility of developing white heads and black head acne which are the first lesions of acne that appear.

2. Cleanse your face well in the morning. Unlike those with dry skin, your skin in the morning feels moist and soft and generally at its least oiliness. After cleansing your face, apply a light toner to finish off the cleansing of your skin. Then apply a thin layer of moisturizer. There is no need to apply very much because as you know well, as the day goes on, and with your activities, the oiliness of your face tends to become much more than that of your morning face skin.

3. Cleanse your face well at night because oily skin tends to attract dust, dirt and to keep cosmetics to the skin. After cleansing, use the toner well to remove all dirt, cosmetic, dust, debris. Here is where it becomes tricky. Apply a thin layer of light moisturizer just before you go to bed. Concentrate on areas that tend to be more dry than other areas: around the eyes, the neck and chest; the upper arms; the lower arms and feet.

4. In hot humid places, or when you are active at sports and tend to perspire profusely DO NOT USE a moisturizer. There may not be any need for you to use a moisturizer epecially if skin is already hydrated. Do make sure to get hydration from drinking water though!

Thanks to Dr. Vermen Verallo-Rowell, Dermatologist and Dermatapathologist of for these tips!

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