Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Many of us set a weight loss goal as our New Years Resolution.  And this is a wonderful goal…  assuming we make a plan and stick to it.  Our expert contributor, Irina Koles, gives us some excellent advice about setting and keeping our weight loss goals.

Learn why the key to accomplishing your goal is all about perspective; change your thinking, change your life.

Count Thoughts, Not Calories

New Year is a great time to analyze your previous results and to set up new goals. If reducing weight is one of you near future goals, these three tips will organize your thoughts and take you closer to results.

First, always think about “reducing” weight oppose to “losing” it. If you lose something you can find it one day, cant you? Maybe it even happened to you before, and you know what I am talking about.

Second, set up a clear goal in mind. Thinking something like “It would be good to lose (!) several pounds by summer” doesn’t help and doesn’t work. Your real goal should be:

  • Clear
  • Specific and measurable
  • Achievable
  • Stated in a present tense rather than in a future tense

Think about a certain number of pounds which you can reduce during a certain period of time. Promising yourself to be 10 pounds less by the next week is promise to failure and also dangerous to your health. Write your goal down on a fancy piece of paper and sign it. Put it on the refrigerator or on the wall where you can see it during the day. Remember, this goal should be YOUR goal and not someone’s desire. Don’t do it to please someone else, just YOU.

Third, think about your health rather than beauty. Focusing on wrong things gets you closer to wrong results. The beauty will come later by itself when you focus on being healthier, more energetic and living longer. Focusing on right things will help you not only to achieve your goal easier, but also to improve your whole life! When you achieve your ideal weight you feel proud of your achievement. As a result, you feel more confident, energetic, sexy and attractive. When you FEEL that way, you are able to attract more customers, make more money, find true love and enjoy this wonderful life! It is not about food on your plate, it is about thoughts in your head.

Dr. Irina Koles, Author, Speaker, Journey to YOUR Destiny

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