Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Shed PoundsGetting back to the basics when it comes to our diet is a popular method of healthy living today.  Many people have opted for a more natural source of nutrition by including foods that come straight from the earth, in the form nature intended them to be.

There are many benefits of  a raw food diet. Learn from our experts why Raw is the way to go, what foods to eat to help you shed pounds, and a delicious recipe to get you started.

Go Nuts!

Raw nuts and seeds (not toasted & salted) are a great snack for anyone, but are especially good for those of us looking to lose weigh. But you say wait, aren’t they high in fat. Our body needs some healthy fat to function and feel satiated. Raw almonds, soaked and dried, are the tastiest and the best. The soaking makes it easier for our digestive system to get the most nutrition from nuts. You’ll find that nuts prepared this way are filling and satisfying. It’s much harder to pop one after another into your mouth like it is when they’re roasted and salted. A good sized handful of almonds usually do the trick.

Every 30 minutes our stomachs produce a chemical called ghrelin which tells our brains we’re hungry. Almonds work at suppressing the ghrelin. It takes about 30 minutes for them to do their job so a handful 30 minutes before eating can also help decrease the amount we eat at a meal.

Gail Engebretson, Life Coach, G Notes 

Aside from doing some sort of physical activity that you enjoy, cut out the processed sugars, breads and starches. Replace your diet with mostly raw food.

If you need something sweet in your drink, try a tiny dose of stevia extract. Water really is good for you. Here’s a variation that helps you lose weight, gives you a cleansing, and extra energy as well:
squeeze about half a dozen lemons in half a gallon of water and add about six tiny spoonfuls of stevia extract (the spoon comes with the product), mix, chill, and enjoy!

Here’s a great, simple receipe that fills you up and doesn’t weigh you down:


Toss all of the following ingredients into a bowl:

2 cups fresh raw corn kernals (1 raw corn cob = 1 cup)
* Note * It’s easier to use a knife and cut the kernals off the cob.
3/4 cup chopped red bell pepper (half a pepper)
1/2 cup scallion (green onion – about 2 of them)
1/4 cup chopped cilantro (more or less to taste)
5 green olives, sliced (more if you prefer)
2 Tbsp lemon juice (this is the juice from one lemon)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp ground cummin
Pinch of cayenne to taste

Raw food recipes will have you shedding the pounds, feeling more energenic and looking younger!

Kevin Foster,


  1. Eating raw is today’s trend of healthy diet.

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