Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

Beauty TipsLooking after your sensitive skin starts with the products you cleanse and moisturize with as well as the make up you wear. Irritations can occur as a reaction from the ingredients or if the product is too heavy for your skin type.

Everything you put on your skin can be absorbed so if your skin is sensitive take note of the ingredients and look for options that are Hypo-allergenic, paraben free, fragrance free or ones that contain natural ingredients.  Learn how to take care of your sensitive skin using the following beauty tips from celebrity makeup artist, Julie Tussey of Angelo David Salon.

Be Gentle

Remember to be gentle when applying products to sensitive skin, especially around the eye area where the skin is thinner and more delicate.

Make sure to always apply moisturizers and foundations with clean hands or a clean sponge each time for liquid or cream foundations. Keep your make up brushes clean as well, all of this will help to stop any spreading of bacteria that can cause acne or irritation to sensitive skin.

  • For skin that is dry, Coconut oil is a great natural face cleanser and make up remover. You can buy a large jar from your local health food store and apply on a cotton pad, wiping gently over the entire face. Dab off the excess with a tissue once clean.
  • For redness and sensivity Dr Weil/Origins has a great face cleanser called Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser to calm the skin. It is clinically proven, contains many natural ingredients and is paraben free, synthetic fragrance free and sulphate free.
  • Clinique has specific lines dedicated to particular skin types, targeting redness, dry skin or acne prone skin. Including cleansers, moisturizers, foundations and mineral powders.
  • Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Airbrush Spray Foundation is weightless, paraben-free and filled with natural anti-oxidants and botanicals. It is best, applied to a large powder brush then to the face.

Saving Face!

Sensitive skin tends to be on the fair side + pinkish.

Smashbox makes a few color correcting colors with silicone. Start with the green base primer to balance the pink and if on the fair side use the lavender primer to add a little ripeness to the skin tone. The silicone is confronting and allows for more glide when applying foundation.

If you are sensitive + oily try Hourglass primer which will control the oil and add a clarity to the skin.

I like to apply the foundation on sensitive skin using Laura Mercier finishing brush. It has white synthetic strands on the top of the natural hair in the base of the brush. This is meant to be used to finish your make off to lightly make sure your makeup is blended and not too powdered looking however, try using it for a foundation brush instead. It will lightly gloss over the skin and this helps to be less irritating on the skin. Then use a Laura Mercier powder puff to press + roll a little powder through t-zone if needed.

Julie Tussey, Celebrity Makeup & Eyebrow Artist, Angelo David Salon

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