Be True to Be Sexy

Is sexy over 40 about wearing the right clothes?  Or is it more about having the right attitude?  Our expert contributors advise us today how important it is for our beauty to radiate from within.   If we are true to our own style, our confidence will exude a naturally sexy look without us even trying.

As we continually reinvent ourselves as women, this may seem like a challenge to some of us.  Learn how to get to know yourself, then present yourself using the following tips from our experts:

Sexy at Any Age

1st off, Sexy is not really about your wardrobe, or hair or makeup, these are all just extras. Sexy comes from within, how you carry yourself, how you smile, that glimmer in the eye. your Inner game is really where the sexy lies. However, for dressing “sexy” whatever you wear that you feel sexy in, is going to make you look sexy. Outwardly sexy or “looking sexy” really falls under the same category as beauty, in that it all depends on the beholder. SO, if you feel sexy then you are going to look sexy.  It’s not the clothes, it’s the woman!

Jeff Halligan, Owner, Coach/Consultant, JHalligan

Sexy at Every Age

Sexiness comes from within and is related to your own sense of yourself, your self-confidence, and your awareness of your own pleasure. You can look sexy in literally anything if you know you *are* sexy, make eye contact, and feel it! Conversely, on a woman with little confidence, hot clothes can look all wrong at any age. So don’t try to look sexy if you don’t feel sexy — instead, try going on a self-improvement project to learn about eroticism, self-esteem, pleasure and communication. Learning to recognize and trust your own true erotic feelings will help guide your choices of costume and clothing, because you will have a clearer idea what message YOU want to send — not just what’s in style.

General guidelines to get you started: Choose colors and fabrics you love and that express you–YOU should get pleasure from these clothes first and foremost! Accentuate the parts of yourself you feel most confident about; consider your shape and the way clothes cling or drape. And in the bedroom, never mind your age: If your partner thinks you look hot in it, enjoy!

Carol Queen, PhD (author, Exhibitionism for the Shy), Staff Sexologist, Good Vibrations

A Tigress Knows When to Purr

Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of charm and style – her advice was to “try a dash of grace, a flash of charm and a modest flirtation. The tigress who knows when to roar also knows when to purr.

These are true words – a woman who dresses with grace and knows her style will always charm those around her. Often the sexiest looks are understated and allow only a brief glance into your style. Before you leave for a date, look into the mirror and ask yourself – is this outfit a real statement of my style – if not change. If you are not authentic to yourself you’ll will always be trying to please others and lose yourself in the process.

Pat Nowak, Author and Writer, Style…cents and sensibility



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