Be Bold and Stunning Over 40

StyleComfort and confidence are the most seductive qualities any woman can possess. Being comfortable and confident in your own skin goes a long way. Your choice of style to achieve sexy over 40 should come from within yourself.

Using the following general guidelines, bring out your inner beauty to skip right over sexy and be boldly stunning.

Dress for Your True Beauty to Really Shine Through!

My best advice for any woman is to wear what you feel comfortable in, I also think too much skin can have the opposite of a sexy effect. You need to have the confidence in yourself in your dress for your true beauty to really shine through.

I believe fashion is an expression of your inner self, and the way you wear your clothes and how it makes you feel shows through to everybody else. I think the secret to looking sexy and not silly is to dress uniquely and for yourself not others.

Amanda Ryan, Director/Designer Bachhara, Bachhara 

It’s All In the Accessories

You look sexy when you feel sexy! And it is often the little things that make all the difference. A new pair of earrings, just a little more exotic than you would usually wear. A new pair of shoes, with heels that are only an inch higher than your everyday pair. Or a bright bag, in contrast to your mundane black tote.

You don’t need a whole new wardrobe to look sexy. It’s all a state of mind!

Liz Budnik, PR Consultant, The Supply Hub 

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