Avoid Fine Lines and Wrinkles with these Moisturizing Tips

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Learn how to keep your eyes looking vibrant and youthful with the following moisturizing tips from our expert Jacquie Carter.

We’ve all stood in the mirror at one point or another, pulling our skin back and tight around our eyes. ┬áMagically, the signs of stress and age disappear. ┬áBy using these techniques you can avoid accentuating lines and wrinkles in this common trouble area, leaving your skin rejuvinated.


Under-eye makeup caking can add years to our appearance by making fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes much more noticeable.

Because this delicate skin is different from the skin elsewhere on the body, as it lacks in both sweat and oil glands, this area is highly susceptible to dehydration. Bottom line, we need extra moisture. Before applying your under eye makeup be sure to apply a moisturizing eye gel or eye cream. This extra moisture helps plump and hydrate your skin and will keep your makeup much more creamy in consistency rather than dry and ‘cakey.’ Be sure to apply a moisturizing eye cream at bed time as well to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep. When applying your under eye makeup take the slow and easy approach by putting on light layers until you achieve your ideal look. Too much makeup will definitely result in caking. For a little touch up during the day, apply a little dab of under eye gel or eye cream to help redistribute and freshen the appearance of your makeup.”


Jacquie Carter, Director, Worldwide Product Marketing – Outer Nutrition

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