Anti Aging Treatments for Youthful Skin

exfoliationThere is an abundance of anti aging products on the market from which to choose.  How do you know which ones work, and which ones don’t?  Our expert contributors have supplied us with some very helpful tips to use when determining which anti aging treatment is right for you.

Learn what products and ingredients work best to keep your skin looking smooth and beautiful.

Anti Aging Treatments for Youthful Skin


1. Simplify your Skin Care Stash

Save time and money by simplifying to no more than three to four steps in the morning and at night. In the morning, you need a mild gel cleanser, an anti-oxidant such as Vitamin C and a sunscreen moisturizer. Before going to bed, use resurfacing ingredients such as AHAs and retinols in addition to restorative peptides.

2. Kick Dryness to the Curb

Winter brings dry air, allergies and reduced exposure to sunlight, all of which affect your skin. Take quick, lukewarm showers because hot water can be damaging to skin when indoor air tends to be dryer. Also, exfoliate from head to toe to slough off dead skin cells and apply lotion as soon as you step out of the shower to seal in moisture

3. Exfoliate to Hydrate

It’s a myth that exfoliation can dry or thin the skin. The truth – regular exfoliation speeds up the cell turnover process allowing the body to produce moisture-bearing properties like hyaluronic acid. Exfoliation also helps to plump the skin by churning up elastin and collagen production. I recommend using a natural resurfacing agent such as glycolic acid to gently dissolve dead surface skin cells to be replaced with new, plump ones.

4. Cost-per-ounce Shopping

Shop for skin care the way that you shop for food, by looking at the cost per ounce. When you see a product that is $20 for .2 of an ounce, multiply and see that it’s actually $100 for one ounce – not a great deal. Instead, visit spas and salons. What you’ll find is that spa- and salon-quality products are a bargain as they include complimentary consultations with licensed experts.

5. Concentrate on Concentrations

Take a look at the active ingredients and ensure that any treatment product has a pH below four. The human skin ranges from 4.5-5.5 pH. A product should be below the pH level of the skin for maximum penetration. Otherwise, you might as well be using water!

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority

Prevention is Key


I recommend that all patients use 2 products to treat aging skin.

1.  Use a good sunscreen with broad-spectrum UVA protection.

Prevention of UV photodamage is by far the most important step in growing old gracefully.

2.  Apply retinoid in the evening.

Retinoids have been proven to improve photodamage and help stimulate collagen. There are various over the counter products that contain retinol. Patient can start with one of those, and after they become acclimated to the product, I often switch them to a stronger, prescription version.

Joshua Zeichner, MD, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research, Department of Dermatology at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City

What is your favorite product containing Retinoids and has it helped your skin?


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