Anti-Aging Secrets, Adjusted For Your Skin Tone

BeautyJust like lotions, creams, make-up and toners – anti-aging secrets vary depending on your skin type. We’ve collected the best tips for anti-aging and sorted them for you by skin type.

Dark, light, olive or fair – we’ve got you covered!

From cleansers to night creams, we’ll reveal the best types of products and the best practices for keeping your unique skin beautiful.

Dark SkinDark Skin

This skin has the most melanin, therefore, always tans and rarely burns. As this skin type ages,


rough patches of skin and uneven pigmentation (including dark under eye circles) are likely to show up be-fore crow’s feet or laugh lines.

Your Products:

  • Cleanser—Look for a natural foaming product containing soy (a botanical lightener that gently evens out skin tone and improves texture)
  • Eye Cream—Use a high-tech cream that contains growth factors (naturally occurring proteins harvested from live human tissues that help stimulate collagen & cell re-pair)
  • Moisturizer—Use a formula with exfoliating salicylic acid and anti-bacterial sulfur, which will fight acne and control excess oil without inflaming skin
  • Daily SPF—Daily sunscreen application is a must, unless you want to develop jowls


Light SkinLight Skin

This skin will burn but will also tan a little. As you age, with-out adequate protection, small clusters of sun spots on your cheeks may begin appearing in your 20s. Wrinkles, however, may not be a concern until your mid– to late 40s.

Your Products:

  • Night Cream—Look for an ultra-hydrating moisturizer to even out skin texture and discoloration using a blend of plant extracts and vitamin C
  • Serum—To maintain a smooth complexion, use a supercharged antioxidant serum every month—one that’s formulated with botanicals such as coffee-berry, grapeseed extract, and green tea, which will protect skin against damage from free radicals
  • Daily SPF—Find a product that offers a potent broad-spectrum SPF along with soy
  • Spot Lighteners—Use a lightweight serum containing a blend of botanical lighteners to even out skin without triggering inflammation
  • Cleanser—Again, a gel cleanser containing soothing cucumber extracts works best for you


Olive SkinOlive Skin

You often tan easily but remember that burn-free skin can still be damaged—it just happens below the surface. As you age, blotches on cheeks and along the hairline can appear as early as your mid-20s, though you might not wrinkle for many years.

Your Products:

  • Cleanser—A blend of tea tree oil and salicylic acid in a foaming cleanser will increase cell turnover and unclog pores, making your skin look smooth and radiant
  • Sunscreen—Most olive-skinned people have a very cavalier approach to sunscreen but you need to find one and wear it daily; find one that contains collagen-building peptides, green tea, and vitamin E
  • Night Cream—A cream containing ground tourmaline, vitamin C, and salicylic acid will help your cell-turnover resulting in luminous, even-tone skin


Fair SkinFair Skin

Your thin, porcelain skin is the most susceptible to UV dam-age. As you age, significant sun protection is a must; otherwise fine lines will creep up on you early, followed by a loss of volume and a dry-leathery texture.

Your Products:

  • Cleanser—A gentle cleanser is a must as it won’t strip away natural oils
  • Night Cream—A cream containing vitamin A and idebenone (a powerful antioxidant that is slowly released as you sleep) will fight free radicals and even out skin tone
  • Daily SPF— You need to be very religious with using sunscreen, whether sunny or cloudy
  • Night Serum—Use an anti-aging serum, followed by an anti-aging moisturizer containing vitamin C
  • Day Serum—A product containing ferulic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin C will help increase your skin’s natural photo-aging protection. Use this product before your SPF cream

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