A No-Nonsense Approach to Weight Loss

Eat Well (cookies)Sometimes we have to give ourselves that extra push to get things accomplished. When enough is enough and you’ve had it with your weight loss struggles, get serious about your solutions to weight loss by trying one of these no-nonsense tips from our expert contributors.

When all else has failed, a good kick in the rear may be exactly what we need to stop making excuses and just get ‘er done.

Apply Mental Toughness

Steve Siebold, author of the book Die Fat or Get Tough; 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People, says the key to not over eating this Thanksgiving and holiday season is mental toughness. He says if you’re trying to lose weight or get fit, you have to adopt the mindset that 99% compliance is failure – even on Thanksgiving. He says people need to remain compliant and avoid temptations. He says you wouldn’t cheat on your spouse in a committed relationship, so why would you cheat on your diet? He says this holiday, grow up emotionally, pick a diet program and develop the mental toughness to stick to it once and for all.

Steve Siebold, Author of Die Fat or Get Tough; 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People

Make an Honest Assessment

Make an honest assessment of your current health and fitness level. Use more than just a scale; use pictures, the mirror and how clothes fit to help assist you in your assessment. Use that assessment to keep focused on your goals and to keep you on track throughout not only the holiday, but for continued success in all of your fitness goals.

Joe Leonardi, Chiropractor, BetterLife Seminars

Anticipate How You Will Feel After Overeating

I find it helpful to think ahead about how I will feel *after* eating that second helping, that bread or potato, or that appealing desert. Yes, imagine that over-filled physical feeling (Remember, we are labeling that as “over filled,” not “satisfied” Let’s be honest about it).

More than the physical, though, think about how you will feel about yourself and your weight loss or maintenance goal. So, look at that dessert and pass it by, knowing that you will feel better tonight because you did so. Rather than feel disappointed and powerless, remember that you will take pleasure in your success.  One day at a time, you are doing what you promised you’d do and feeling good about it.

I sometimes joke that you don’t have to *eat* food to enjoy it: You can watch someone else eat it, and enjoy the fact that you had the willpower to stick with your goal.  Anticipate how you would feel if you gave in … It’s not worth it!

Carl G. Hindy, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Nashua NH, Dr. Carl Hindy, Clinical Psychologist

A Bold New Way to Resist Temptation

If all the sensible approaches to curbing holiday over-eating have failed, maybe it’s time for you to try a self-control strategy that seems to make no logical sense at all. “Going Too Far” is a bold, counter-intuitive follow through strategy that works by capitalizing on one of the most fascinating and ironic aspects of human nature: Although we often end up straying from the good intentions we adopt, there’s nothing more offensive than being “forced” to violate those same good intentions.

To use the Going Too Far strategy, you simply make a deal with yourself. Here’s the deal: If you violate a particular good intention, you must violate it in an especially big way. Tammy used this strategy to finally stick with her intention to refrain from eating the yummy donuts that were always available at work. She simply promised that if she was unable to resist the temptation to take a donut, she would take – and eat – 3 donuts at once. The result: As much as she craved a donut, the thought of having to violate her intention in such a big way gave her an impressive surge in willpower. Thanks to strategy that seems to make no logical sense, her good intention won the battle, and Tammy won the war.

Steve Levinson, Ph.D., President, Behavioral Dynamics, Inc.



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