A New Year, A New You!

Colorful EyesComing into a New Year, it’s time to explore the face of the season with the 2012 hottest makeup trends.  Mix up your makeup routine and try incorporating a few of these tips from our expert contributors to refresh your look.

Learn how to keep your skin healthy and hydrated with a smooth finish.  We hear it’s all about eyes this year, so make them pop using the following makeup advice!

Beauty Tips for a New You in the New Year

We are all looking to appear at our most radiant at this time of year. The key to achieving this look is:

  • Drink your quota of water!  Hydrated skin has an amazing glow to it.
  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! During the party season, exfoliate two times per week with a suitable product for your skin.  Follow this with a mask to suit you; re-hydrating, cleansing, you decide. Do this twice a week at home, or how ever often suits your skin.
  • Double Cleanse. The first cleanse will remove dirt and makeup, the second will clean your skin!  This is so important for a great complexion.
  • When it comes to base/foundation, use a product which will give your skin a glow and radiance with light reflecting particles. The skin has a natural sheen and this should be replicated. Use your base in moderation!
    • Apply lightly for natural radiance
    • Use a great non-drying concealer where you need to cover up
    • Apply a great highlighting product, on any part of the fact you wish to catch the light, cheek and brow bones and jawline.
  • Don’t be afraid of false lashes! Purchase the right kit, and these are a girls best friend. Single/fan and small cluster lashes applied in a subtle manner, can completely transform you. It does not have to look like a drag artist, just you, but much enhanced!!!!

Marianne Byrne, Make-Up Artist, Busting Diva

Subtle, Yet Stunning, Eyes

Women always tend to pick pencil and liquid eyeliners – it is what seems natural to them! I almost always opt for eyeshadow, and by applying it with an angeled brush, it creates a soft, but stunning liner look. You can use any eyeshadow color you like – black, navy, deep plum – or if you are daring, use turquoise or bronzes. I love the way a look can be changed by a single liner color switch!

Heather C. Adessa, Owner, Makeup & Hair by Heather A.

What is your favorite eye-makeup ritual that draws attention to “the windows to your soul”?

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