A Gracious Perspective for a More Beautiful You

As we take this last week of September to celebrate our skin, I thought it was important to discuss ways we can love on and improve the skin we have been given! So far we have talked about Self acceptance and authenticity,  Spending time on ourselves and moisturizing tips, and the importance of using sunscreen to protect and nurture our skin – all for a more beautiful you!

Each one of us is very different from the other, which is what makes our world and the people in it so interesting. Expressing our individuality is becoming more and more encouraged – and that makes me excited. It also makes me want to jump on the bandwagon and promote to everyone how beautiful you are! And how important it is for you to believe it too.

Our beauty expert, Christin Peeples tells us to be thankful. Learn how gratitude can change our perspective and bring on an abundance of beauty.

Buried Treasure – The Power of Feeling Beautiful

“Loving the skin you’re in is about embracing yourself totally. It’s a feeling of confidence and knowing your worth; that you are a treasure unlike no other that has been created. True beauty is defined by more than what the eye can see, it’s ultimately how you feel about yourself that emits a frequency and allows others to follow suit. When you fall in love with who you are, you open yourself up to receiving more love and adoration. Have you ever been somewhere and a person enters the room that everyone wants to know? They are beautiful, not just esthetically but their being attracts you to them. So what is her secret? The answer is gratitude. When you can embrace who you are and be thankful for how you were made, you can’t help but to get more of what you are grateful for. When you look in the mirror and love every curve, dimple, or pimple and know that you are still beautiful, you have discovered the secret to true beauty.”

Christin Peeples, Beauty Expert/Founder of Jordan Alexis Beauty

How has gratitude enhanced your life or helped you through a rough time?

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