A Celebration of Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a time of family and tradition. Many of us travel from all over the country to come together in this time of appreciation. There are many things to look forward to about Thanksgiving, the feast (whether traditional, gourmet, or take-out), the parades, the turkey trots, the family, the gratitude.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving here at AlwaysNewYou and Hormones-Beauty-Health by featuring a variety of stories from our experts and our readers about their Thanksgiving traditions. We each celebrate differently and have our favorite moments we look forward to each year.

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday, It is a special day that my family and I look forward to every year. I buy a fresh turkey the night before, along with all of the trimmings. Very early on Thanksgiving morning, I go with my two children to NYC to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There is nothing like it. Everybody is in a great mood and it is magical to say the least. When we return home to Long Island, the smell of turkey roasting greets us as we enter our home. My wife has been preparing the feast. The whole family eventually arrives and we sit down to the best meal of the year. Once more, we are extremely thankful for all that we have. A perfect day! And it also kicks off the Christmas season too!!

Mick Du Russel 

The 3 best things about Thanksgiving for my family & I are:

1. Skype. Despite being stationed on Okinawa, Skype helps keep us connected with all our loved ones all over the world.

2. Flan. This tasty Spanish custard brings me fond memories of my childhood and I’m thankful to know the recipe and pass on those memories to my children.

3. Fellowship. We love spending time with our family and friends. Being able to open our home up to our friends this year and fellowship as a “family” is a real blessing, especially when our real family is so far away.

To make our holidays extra special each year I give my daughters their very own ornament. This is something my mom did for me. And when I moved on my own I had a great starter set. I always get emotional when I look at the ornaments that chronicle my life. I love that my daughters will get to experience the same feelings.”

Rachel Luna 

Taking the time to put life back in perspective (at least for a while) and to remember the most important things in life include; – bringing family and friends together to share memories and traditions, – laugh often, – eat well.

Ian Bowen

A Few of My Favorite Things… about Thanksgiving

1. Being that it is not a gift giving holiday the focus stays on giving thanks and appreciating one another.

2. It is a holiday focused around eating, I love eating.

3. When I was in college, Thanksgiving was the first break after starting the semester and I looked forward to those few days off so I could get home and be with my family. Studying architecture was hard, so family time was Much needed.”

Nina Ferrer

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Please share yours here!

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