4 Skin Care Tips for your 50s From Real Women

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During your 50s, your two main goals are quenching your skin and revving up your collagen production.  Here is how 4 real women solve these skin care issues:

Michele Says – “In the morning, I fill a large bowl with water and ice, then stick my face in it to get my blood going.  I cleanse and use Argan oil as a moisturizer (it soaks in completely and makes my skin glow).  I also make my own salt body scrub with sweet almond oil and Morton kosher salt.”

Lolita Says – “I put on vitamin C serum and vitamin E oil after I wash my face, but I really think beauty starts on the inside.  My mother truly believes that carrot juice will make everything better, including your skin.  I try to lead a holistic lifestyle, eating a whole-foods diet that’s primarily raw, relieving stress through exercise, and learning to let things go.”

Martha Says – “My mom had gorgeous skin and taught me some basics that I’ve always practiced: Pat (don’t pull) when apply eye cream; Never frown (and now I don’t have any frown lines!); and Moisturize your neck as well as your face, smoothing on your cream in an upward motion.   And never go to bed with makeup on.  I teach these principles to my 22-year-old daughter now.”

Beth Says – “I’ve tried a lot of products, but I keep coming back to Lancôme.  I wear their Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 15 Cream day and night, as well as their eye cream.  I never use soap, and I always make sure to take off my makeup before bed.  I also drink a lot of water and take vitamins A, C, E, and fish oils every day.”

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