3 Steps to Sexy Over 40

StyleWe look young. We feel even younger. But, for whatever reason, dressing sexy over 40 has proven to be a challenge. It’s difficult to find that balance between our more mature status and our inner diva. The last thing we want to do is hit the town looking like we just raided our teenage daughter’s closet – or on the other end, our grandmother’s hope chest.

The more we know ourselves, the easier this is to accomplish. We each have a certain style. Set the following guidelines to your own, unique groove to top off your look with an extra splash of sexy.

“I was having a conversation with a woman in her early 40’s the other day during which she complained that she didn’t know what to wear to her high school class reunion. She kept taking things out of her closet then putting them back because they were either too matronly or too slutty.

The guidelines for “over 40” aren’t too different from the guidelines at any age. My advice is:

1. Pick one physical asset you want to feature (eyes, shoulders, chest, figure, legs, etc.) and select something that will flatter that one feature — but don’t go for broke by trying to emphasize any and all of your various parts! Unless you live in Vegas ; )

2. Identify a celebrity whom you most closely resemble (in age, physical build, attitude, etc.) and do an Internet search for recent photos of that person. Note that if you live in a metro area on one of the coasts, you can probably emulate their look pretty closely; for my clients in the Midwest, I often advise they attempt a tamer or softer version of the look — unless “bold, trend-setting and taste-making” are her personal brand. Some people simply have the chutzpah to wear what they dare!

3. Select clothes of the best fit and construction you can afford. This rule is true at any age, but hopefully we can afford better clothing at “over 40″ than we could in our 20’s.

By following these guidelines, you can dress well and feel great about your look no matter your age!”

Suzanna Mathews, Founder & President, The Date Maven

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