Pamper Your Skin and Your Loved One this Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to pamper your skin while spending quality time with the one you love.  This year, skip the crowds and spend some private time together.

Take a look at all the different ways to add “spa romance” to your Valentine’s Day Celebration, at home or with a trip to the spa.

Pamper Your Loved One With Epsom Salt

To decorate for Valentine’s Day in a way that’s fun and inexpensive, try a little Epsom salt. It can help decorate a card, candles, champagne glasses – even pamper your loved one with an at-home spa.

  • Make a Valentine’s Day card- Take a red piece of paper, draw a heart on it with glue and pour on some Epsom salt. Let it dry, gently remove excess Epsom salt and write a love note on the inside.
  • Decorate a champagne glass – Spread glue on approximately ¾ of the outside of two flute glasses, and roll them in Epsom salt. Shake off the excess salt –make sure there is no salt inside the glass – and fill them with your drink of choice.
  • Add sparkle to a candle – Roll a candle or candle holder in glue and pour on some Epsom salt.
  • Make an at-home spa – There are plenty of ways to use Epsom salt to help pamper your loved one. Here are two of our favorites:
    • Bathtime Bliss: Add two cups of Epsom Salt to the water in a standard-sized bathtub. For an extra treat, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil for a refreshing scent.
    •  Homemade bath crystals: Mix two cups of Epsom Salt with a few drops of fragrance to create a custom bath crystal. Add a few drops of food coloring or 1/2 TSP of glycerin if you like. Store in an air-tight container.

Thank you to the Epsom Salt Council, who provided us with these fun and romantic Valentine tips!

Surprise Her with a Day Spa She’ll Never Forget

I own a resort-style day spa in Scottsdale so we have a front row seat to some great romance. We have seen some really creative guys, like the one who sent a limo to pick up his wife at work. She had no idea what to expect when she was dropped off at our spa.  But, her face lit up when she saw him waiting to greet her. He had planned out their whole day and I am sure the girls in the office are still talking about her dramatic exit.  I think her favorite part was that he had taken the time to spend the day with her!

Heidi Lamar, Day Maker, Spa Lamar

Day Spa Services

Ah, the typical Valentine’s Day dinner date – reservations, crowds, the struggle to get him into appropriate attire. Looking for a more relaxed, truly intimate way to celebrate coupledom this Valentine’s Day?

Try skipping the PDA (public displays of affection) this year by dressing down and heading to the nearest day spa to treat your skin and your loved one to a little TLC.  Many spas offer special packages this time of year you can enjoy as a couple.  In addition to the ever-popular Side-by-Side Massage and Side-by-Side Facial offered at most spas, some affectionately offer their beloved Valentines even more opportunities to be pampered together.

Oasis Day Spa in NYC provided us with the special packages they’re offering to their Valentines this year to give us an idea of what is available to enjoy:

The Romance Package

This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat! Package includes a 60 minute Side-by-Side Massage, plus a gift card to an amazing restaurant of your choosing.

The Couples Duet Package

This romantic spa package includes a relaxing 60 minute Side-by-Side Massage, followed by a rejuvenating 60 minute Side-by-Side Facial. A Valentine-themed aromatherapy experience can be added to the spa services – choose from Rose Garden or Chocolate.

Red Velvet Sugar Scrub

Indulge on a bed of rose petals while brown sugar and romantic aromatic oils (your choice of Rose Garden or Chocolate) are combined to gently smooth away dry skin under European Vichy Showers, leaving your skin velvety soft to touch.

V-Dazzle Your Valentine

Our famous Brazilian bikini wax, with a little something special for V-Day…a fabulous Swarovski crystal design application! Application lasts up to 7 days.

Oasis Day Spa, Valentine’s Day Getaway in NYC, Oasis Day Spa


How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

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