Give Your Skin Special Treatment with These Tips

egg white skin treatmentsWe have learned that skincare is a process. Every step counts in our beauty regimen and skipping one of these important steps might be the deal breaker in our quest for beautiful, glowing skin. Now that we have accepted this, let’s talk a little more in detail about each of these steps.

Often times we are tempted to go with the easiest option – like the bar of soap in the shower. However, the skin on our face is more sensitive and requires special treatment. Learn what our expert contributors have to say regarding skincare routines for oily skin:

Wash With Care

Skin should be cleaned with a pH balanced soap like Cetaphil once daily, unless visibly soiled. In this way the body’s own natural oils and moisturizers won’t be washed off. While your skin may not appear dry you still need to apply SPF to block the damaging effects of UV Exposure. In practical terms your skin should be receiving appropriate attention daily regardless of whether it is oily or dry.

Dr. Robert Grant, Plastic Surgeon-in-Chief Medical Director, Medical Staff Office, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell  

Finding the Right Moisturizer

It is a common misconception that moisturizing oily skin will only increase the oil appearance. However, it is important with any type of skin to moisturize daily. There are moisturizers for all skin types out on the market, including ones specifically formulated for oily skin. The best moisturizers should be antioxidant-rich and contain at least an SPF level of 15 in order to keep skin hydrated and fight against environmental damage. For oily skin specifically, look for a lightweight moisturizer that is infused with oil-free hydrators, along with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and UVA/UVB sun protection to help fight free radical damage and environmental exposure while keeping skin hydrated.

Dr. Howard Murad, CEO and Founder of Murad, Inc., Murad, Inc.

Magic in Tiny Bottles

When it comes to oil control, we nailed two products for immediate relief (we are fiery, impatient redheads!) Trader Joe’s Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion is our favorite. We know, you may be thinking, “Trader Joes?” But, this inexpensive lotion is light, non-greasy and most importantly PABA Free with SPF 15! We immediately moisturize with this lotion after washing our face in the morning and before bed. Looking for a more luxurious lotion? Alba Aloe & Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer is the way to go. We love this moisturizer because it contains certified organic aloe vera and green tea antioxidants. It is perfectly light, oil free and great for sensitive skin!

Stephanie and Adrienne Vendetti, Founders, How to be a Redhead

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