10 Tips to Help Get You Moving in 2012

FitnessStarting a fitness program is a daunting task.  Just thinking about getting on the treadmill can sometimes feel like the biggest challenge of my day.  You know, come to think of it, it is!  STARTING an exercise is the hardest step.  Once you’re moving that feeling of dread that hangs over you begins to disappear.

If you are looking for healthy living tips to help you begin a daily exercise program, here are 10 suggestions from our panel of expert contributors that will help you GET MOVING for a healthy 2012.

10.  Choose a fitness program you enjoy.

Exercise is hard work. No one sticks with something they hate doing.

9.  Choose a time of day that works best for you.

For me, it was first thing in the morning.  Stick with it.

8.  Make yourself a priority.

Do not compromise on your health. This is as important as eating and sleeping each day.

7.  Periodically, give yourself time off.

Take a day or two and relax but not more than that. You must be committed and consistent with your new lifestyle changes.

Janet Pfeiffer, http://www.PfeifferPowerSeminars.com

6.  Start exercising and eating nutritiously with a friend.

Compare notes along the way and just plain motivate each other over time. It is quite effective.

Len Saunders, http://www.lensaunders.com

5.  Start off slow.

Doing too much, too fast can lead to excessive soreness or injury which leads to fustration and quitting.

4.  Write your workouts on a calendar like a doctor’s appointment.

Make weekly workout schedules to post.

3.  Provide yourself with a visible goal.

Post a picture of someone whose body you’d like to have and post it on your fridge or somewhere very noticable like bathroom mirror.

2.  Do time-challenged workouts.

Occasionally check your progress by walking 1 mile with a stop watch – did your pace increase?  Or do a weight training challenge to see how many times you can do various exercises within a specific interval like 1 minute or 30 secs – how many more can your do?

Aileene Palm, http://www.aileenepalm.com

1.  Have an “I’ve reached my goal” mental image of yourself.

Purchase a stylish outfit in a smaller size and work your way to wear it.  Don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done!

Joanie Jacobsen, http://babyboomerway.com/

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