Tummy Tuck Questions Answered by Real Women

Tummy TuckFirst, we asked the experts. Today we went straight to the source: Real women who have experienced tummy tuck recovery.

Read about these three women who have shared their experiences with us.  They discuss popular myths they’ve encountered, post-procedure recovery, and, most importantly, their results!


“As a 37 year old mother of three who had a tummy tuck, the question I am asked most often is, “Are the results permanent?”… to which I emphatically answer YES! During tummy tuck surgery the loose and redundant skin is surgically removed – never to return, unless of course you have more children or experience excessive weight gain or weight loss. In addition to the removal of excess skin, the abdominal muscle is tightened, giving the abdominal area a firm and fit appearance. If you maintain your post-surgical weight, the results are long-lasting. If you gain weight your shape will change. I encourage any woman who is considering a tummy tuck to go for it! Not only will you love your new shape, but you’ll love even more your new found confidence!”

Elizabeth Bayley
The Skin Center Medical Spa

“I am 47 and had a tummy tuck 9 years ago. I waited one year after the birth of my fifth child.

The biggest myth about tummy tucks is that they are a simple procedure, more of a surface surgery. I don’t think most people realize that the tuck also tightens up all of your muscles. That means the surgeon has to cut and sew a lot of your muscles and tissue, not just the skin. The recovery was weeks long and very painful. My scar looks great (as far as scars go) but it still goes from hip to hip.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Even after all of these years, my tummy is flat and muscular.”

Karen Rumble
My surgeon was Dr. Michael Workman

“Two biggest myths I encountered about my tummy tuck after losing over 100-pounds:

  1. It will leave a scar or keloids –  Different strokes for different folks. Everyone’s body heals differently. I do not have much of a scar.
  2. People think that they don’t have to workout to maintain a flat tummy – I’ve actually had someone say “I heard they tighten your muscles so fat can’t come back.” So not true. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I feel I have to work twice as hard to maintain a flat tummy. Or I am subconsciously thinking of how expensive the surgery was.”

Caroline Jhingory

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  1. What is the difference for someone between the tummy tuck and the pendulectomy(?sp) that many insurances will cover? I am confused on this!

  2. rachelhonoway

    Great question, Joan! We’re going to ask our experts and find out for you!

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