Tummy Tuck – Facts and Figures

Tummy Tuck


Many women get tummy tucks to regain a pre-pregnancy mid-section or address sagging skin due to weight loss.

Tummy Tuck – Inpatient or Outpatient Surgery
Description: Flattening of the abdomen by removal of excess fat and/or skin.  May include tightening of abdominal muscles.
Average Cost: $4,000 – $15,000
Length of Surgery: 2-5 Hours
Anesthesia: General
Recovery Time: Back to work in 2-6 weeks.  Strenuous activity in 8-12 weeks.
Treatment Frequency: Once
Risks: Blood clots, infections,internal bleeding, irregular scar formation, skin loss, complications related to anesthesia.
Duration of Results: Permanent.  However weight loss or gain and pregnancy can affect results.



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